Made for Each other

Oct 11, 2012

I am about to get married and I was thinking to give a Gift to my spouse. While searching on line I found a very unique iphone application in Apple Stores called 'Made For Each Other'.
Made For Each Other is truly tailored around your marriage experience, letting you consolidate and organize all their information like, proposal, bridal showers, vows, reception, honeymoon and many more in one place.

This is a digital book, with which you captureyour special moments of your married life. The flip book feature will make you feel as if you are using an actual physical book.

- The innovative look and feel that will capture your entire marriage process, starting from the proposal with over 60 pages of access.
- Add photos and create your own portfolio with a touch of button either capturing through the camera or from your existing photo library.
- Add videos with a touch of a button either capturing through your device camera or from your existing video library.
- Capture all the memories, photos and videos of important celebrations and vacations.
- You can go back and edit the book anytime and create a complete book.

Sounds marvelous when you find an option to bring back those precious seasons of life and showcase them the way you want with your beloved and friends close to your heart.

Check the below link for "Made For Each Other" App by us:


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