magical' factor to a relationship


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Jul 5, 2011
magical' factor to a relationship

Kissing is the most common expression of affection and is a blend of passion and romance.
It adds a 'magical' factor to a relationship! A great kiss can easily make people dizzy with desire

As we all know, there are many types of kiss. Here are some of them, who is the type that uses them and what they mean:

The French kiss

- passion. Lasts for ever. Involves all parts of the mouth and excites the rest of the body. The point of this kiss is a “meeting” between the two tongues. The French kiss is a kind of “trespassing” to one’s privacy and can sometimes stimulate a rejection especially if the partner is the shy/afraid/close type.

The overall kiss

- Starts with the mouth, goes to the cheeks, the nose, the forehead and sometimes further.

The woodpecker kiss

- The name says it all. Very economic, quick and sometimes even irritating.

The polite kiss

- Based on the woodpecker kiss but with more hesitation in it: should I kiss on the “given” cheek or should i just make a low light sound of kiss next to the ear?

The aunty kiss -

Suction a part of someone’s cheek into a foreign mouth while leaving some lipstick on it.

The closed eyes kiss

- usually by very romantic people that like to fantasies. While they close the eyes, they get the opportunity to concentrate on their fantasy, as they do not want it to be ruined by a nose hair sticking out of the partner’s nose, god forbid.

The opened eyes kiss

- those people are always on a “watch”. Got to be in control. Connected to reality. Can not and would not let this experience swap them away. There is no fear on “crashing down” as they never left the ground. Those people and the suspicious, careful controlled type.

The sterilized kiss

- people who kiss like that are to sterile for this “passion” act. For them, a kiss must be clean and descent. Very polite and probably…boring.

The total kiss

- Completely in it. They give it all. Love maniacs. They will never limit their kiss to one specific part of the body.

The locked lips kiss

- Signalizing some kind of fear, shyness or just “I don’t feel like it really”. It is like talking to someone behind a door with a chain.

The vacuum kiss

- A passion kiss that might hurt. It is a kiss the kind of “arguing” with the partner - my place or yours? It is like the kisser is trying to swallow the partner - not so much for love as for lust.

The Underwater Kiss

Have your partner hold his/her breath underwater in a pool and when he or she taps you, it is a signal to give them air. High difficulty, require much practice.

The Trade-Off Kiss

One of you takes a mint and the other a cinnamon candy. Do an exchange while in the midst of a passionate French kiss. You will have great fun while honing your chemistry.

The Talking Kiss

Lean close, so close that both your lips are almost touching and speak softly to her. Sweet nothings whispered into the mouth are sweeter than those whispered into the ear!

The Suspenseful Kiss

The type which has a long build-up and your partner is kept guessing when you will lean over to kiss … this method fans the interest and strokes the desires.

The Nip Kiss

This has to be done carefully but when done correctly, it has a wonderful effect on your partner. Gently bite the lips while suck kissing, but be gentle enough as not to harm your partner. However, only do so only to partners you know really well as you do not want to shock him/her.

The Earlobe Lap

The ear is one of the most sensitive parts of our body. Tease her into a giggle and you will know you are striking all the right chords. Do exercise good control so as to avoid loud slurping noises, which can be rather embarrassing —especially when the ear is also a sensitized sound detector.

The Butterfly Flutter

Place your eye within a breath of your partner's cheek. Open and shut your eyelids against her skin. While doing so, lightly peck her petal lips but keep in mind to match this flutter sensation on her cheek with that in her heart!

Care Kiss:

This kiss is very pure indication of love and it is free from any kind of sexual feeling. In this kiss you either kiss directly on the forehead of your partner or the eyes of your partner. This kiss is very assuring kiss for your partner, your partner will feel very safe while you make this kiss. It gives her confidence that your truly care for her and will remain with her forever.

Nose Kiss:

This kiss have very different feelings; in this kiss your rub your nose against the nose of your partner; this kiss is an indication that now you are ready for the next stage that is lips kiss. This is the only kiss where it is possible to keep your eyes open and enjoy the facial expressions of your partner.

Get Up Kiss:

This kiss should be done while waking up your partner in the morning from his/her sleep. First kiss on the forehead and then slowly all over the face making their morning good in true sense

Share Kiss:

This kiss is done by holding a long stick of chocolate between you and your partner’s mouth, and then slowly starts eating the chocolate from both the ends, once your lips are almost touching your partner’s lips, then make the passionate lips kiss. With the mixture of sweetness of your kiss and chocolate this type of kiss gives amazing happiness.

Hot And Cold Kiss:

Ask your partner to drink hot coffee and yourself suck the ice cube. So now your partner has hot lips and you have cold lips, now make a lip kiss with force and kiss till temperature of lips goes to normal. The chemistry caused because of hot and cold lips will make your kiss amazing.

Tell your partner about these types of kisses and she will be impressed with your knowledge of kisses and if you are lucky she will ask you to kiss her and explain these kisses practically. So do not delay to learn these kisses and make your relation full of care, love, hugs and kisses.
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