Magnetic Therapy for Snoring


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Magnetic Therapy for Snoring

Magnetic therapy for snoring is not a new concept at all. Magnetic therapy has been utilized since ages, especially by the Indian and Chinese systems of medicine. Modern times have followed the trend and currently you can see a lot of magnetic devices that are designed to tackle a myriad of disorders, ranging from headaches to constipation to snoring.

How does Magnetic therapy influence the body?
Many people dismiss the idea of using magnets for treatment as something quite ridiculous or as plain quackery. Well, for those whom seeing is believing, magnetic therapy may indeed seem outlandish. Magnets can influence humans in 3 different ways as listed below:

  • Induction
  • Mechanical
  • Electronic
What are the effects of magnets on the body?
Despite being invisible, Magnetic therapy can bring about visible and discernible effects on the human body like dilatation of blood vessels, soothing of inflammation, amelioration of pain, speedening up the natural healing process, relaxing spasms of muscles and reducing oedema (swelling)

What are the products that utilize Magnetic therapy for snoring?
There are a few products that utilize magnetic therapy to tackle the issue of snoring. The most popular products are the magnetic pillows, magnetic snoring ring and magnetic nose clips.

Magnetic Pillows for snoring:
Using magnetic pillows for snoring is quite commonly recommended. These pillows have a magnetic strip inserted within them, and are quite thinner when compared to normal sleeping pillows. These magnetic pillows improved the blood flow to the brain, neck and the throat area. They also help in relaxation of the muscles in the head, neck and throat area. All these factors combine together and contribute towards relief of snoring.

Magnetic Snoring Ring:
These rings are fitted with magnets within the internal rim of the ring and look like your normal rings that you use to adorn yourself. The major feature of these magnetic snoring rings is that they make use of Acupressure and Magneto therapy principles at the same time. These rings are recommended to be worn on the little finger. The magnetic strip is so designed as to provide pressure on the middle part between the base and the first bend of the little finger.

This area encloses the energy meridians that control respiration and the combined effect of Acupressure and magneto therapy on these meridians help unhindered respiration and thus relieve snoring. The most important fact that is to be considered while using these snoring rings is that they should never be used for more than 12 hours at a stretch and are usually recommended to be worn only about an hour before you plan to sleep. You should take off the ring as soon as you wake up in the morning.

Magnetic Nose clips:
These nose clips have a plastic body and contain 2 ball shaped magnets at the distal end. The clips resemble a horseshoe, with the only difference that the 2 ends are not apart as in the horseshoe, but are tightly opposed to each other. It is this part that contains the magnetic balls, within the plastic cover. The idea behind using these magnetic nose clips is to provide pressure on the nasal septum. The nasal septum is the partition between the 2 nostrils and according to principles of Acupressure; it is the seat of many energy meridians that control the dilatation of the nasal passages. The pressure applied on the trigeminal nerve within the nasal septum helps to relieve the congestion and allows unimpeded flow of air and thus prevents snoring.
Magnetic therapy for snoring has indeed helped many patients to get over their snoring disorder and is found to be safe too.

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