Make breakfast fun for kids


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Make breakfast fun for kids

It's said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day - but this is especially important for children who need fuel and energy to get through a day at school.

But breakfast doesn't just have to be the day's most important meal - it can also be the most fun! Combining busy mornings with finicky eaters and breakfast can sometimes turn into a challenge rather than a pleasure. Don't despair. A dash of creative inspiration can get the whole family back on track, turning breakfast time back into an occasion that everyone looks forward to!

Fun breakfast foods kids will love
1. What kid doesn’t love an ice cream sundae? Since two scoops of vanilla ice cream do not make a balanced breakfast, whip up a healthy yogurt parfait that looks just like a sundae (complete with a cherry on top) to get the kids excited about breakfast. Made with yogurt and fresh berries (and granola if they'll eat it), this is breakfast disguised as dessert!

2. Who doesn't love waking up to the fragrant aroma of fresh muffins? You may have to get up a bit early to pop those muffins into the oven but the kids will love devouring them while they're still warm. Using blueberries, top the muffin with your child's first initial so he knows it was made just for him. This is the kind of thing memories are made from – your child will grow up and remember that mom took the time to do this special thing.

3. Bananas are a breakfast staple but they can turn brown so quickly. Instead of feeding rotten bananas to the composter, let the kids mash them up and together, make a loaf of banana nut bread. They'll have fun squishing the bananas up and even more fun devouring the fresh loaf for breakfast the next morning.

4. Breakfast smoothies are a great choice for adults and children alike. Jam-packed with nutrients, a smoothie looks like a milkshake so you know the kids will love it. But you can rest easy, knowing they're drinking a glassful of goodness. For a tasty treat, serve up a yummy NUTELLA® smoothie – click here for the recipe and other great breakfast ideas.

5. We know that kids love games so turn breakfast into a game they can't wait to play! Let your child choose the day's colour and co-ordinate their food options accordingly. Red might mean a fruit salad made with strawberries, raspberries and Red Delicious apples, while green might mean green seedless grapes, kiwis and Granny Smith apples.

6. The key to keeping breakfast fun for kids isn't necessarily what you serve but rather how you serve it. Whole wheat toast and soft-boiled eggs is so much more fun when you turn the toast into soldiers. Place the soft-boiled egg in an egg cup and cut off the top. Cut toast into narrow strips, perfect for dipping into the egg's soft and runny yolk.

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