Make-up kit essentials


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Make-up kit essentials

You may have too many cosmetics in your purse, but not the one that you are bound to need if you are faced with an impromptu outing.

Here's what should be on your check list...

1. A small mirror : Every girl needs to have this essential commodity. Whether it's for applying your eyeliner, lipstick or kajal, a small mirror is the thing that you can't do without. And most of us often face situations where you are left hunting for a mirror.

2. Foundation : Without it you can never get your make up right. So you need to get the one that suits your skin colour. Don't go for a foundation that's 10 shades lighter than your skin tone, it'll make you appear pale and very non-appealing.

3. Moisturiser : If you are out in the sun all day long and your friends suddenly ask you to join them for a drink, your skin is bound to look dry. So make sure that you have some foundation handy, that you can dab on your face before you meet your friends.

4. Concealer : Who doesn't have a bad-skin day? Well that's exactly why a concealer comes handy. It hides those small blemishes and the pimples that tend to crop up without a warning.

5. A lip liner : A lip liner can make a lot of difference to your appearance. It makes your make-up seem more polished and complete. It defines your lips and gives it a definite shape.

6. Your favourite shade of lipstick or lipgloss : Lipgloss is perfect to add little shine to your lips. It immediately sets the note for a night out.

7. An eyeshadow pallet with a brush : Preferably your eyeshadow pallet should have two or more than two colours. It gives you an option to blend colours. Also if there's a lighter shade and a darker one, you can opt for the colour as per the time of the day.

8. Your favourite shade of eyeliner : If you like any particular colour then do carry it, but also carry the basic black eyeliner which can be perfect for any occasion.

9. Mascara : Like you can do without a lipstick, but not without a lipgloss, similarly you can do without an eyeliner, but not without a mascara. Mascara is one of the things you should never leave your home without.

10. Blush or bronzer : Make sure that you have a brush along with a blush and bronzer. You don't want to be running around looking for something to apply it with.
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