Make-up that lasts all day


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Make-up that lasts all day

Carrying your make-up kit all the time is next to impossible for most of us. Also, it is essential that the make-up stays on our face through the day to prevent frequent touch-ups.

Here are some tips on how to achieve this agenda and also, some quick-fixes and touch-ups that will prove to be helpful -

1. Lasting base:
If you need round-the-clock lasting make-up, apply a moisturiser and then a primer, and then again foundation. This will even out your skin tone and create a firm base for the make-up. At the end of the day, for a small touch-up, dab your eye cream under your eyes which will lighten the area and make it glow.

2. No spots!
Facial wipes are very handy in the time of pollution. Reapply your concealer and you are good to go again.

3. For oily skin:
Assure to remove excess oil that accumulates on the skin with time. Use a blotting paper or a good quality tissue paper to do that. To re-highlight your face, apply a foundation followed by a bronzer or a blush.

4. Luscious lips:
Outline your lips with a lip-liner and brush an 8-hour lip colour on the lips. Do not use a gloss frequently as it leads to dryness and chapped lips.

5. Above all:
Keep a compaq ready in case of an emergency touch up need. Also assure that you are carrying a kohl-pencil if nothing else as nothing highlights your eyes as much as a kajal does.

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