make your child to love exercise.


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
make your child to love exercise.

He is chauffeur-driven to school, eats fast food any time he wants, sits for hours in front of the television and naturally, has hardly any activity. If you are worried about your little one turning into a couch potato, it's about time to introduce him to some exercise. Yeah, we know how he hates exercise! That's why we got fitness expert and author of Jaldi Fit KIDS, Namita Jain to give us seven fun activities that will make your child love exercise.
Imitating animals: This is a fun one for kids in the age group of 3 to 5 years. Buy a couple of animal masks and have your little ones imitate the animals from their walk to the sounds they make. This interactive and fun activity is bound to keep your child healthy.

Parenting tips: Get your child more organised!
Free playing: Get this: Studies show that children who play outside for an average of 90 minutes per day in good weather have less risk of heart trouble later in life. So whether it's hopscotch, catch and cook, or hide and seek, let your kids go crazy outdoors. Plus, they'll come home pretty tired and that means early bed time ;)

Skipping: By the time your child turns five, she will love to have a skipping rope. Apart from plain vanilla skipping, encourage her to try out new things as well (eg: Double Dutch - jumping through two jump ropes, which are being twirled in opposite directions, at the same time.) Skipping will help your child strengthen her muscles and bones too.

Skating/ Cycling: These activities can be loads of fun if your kids have friends in the building/ area who will join them too. Cycling/ skating races are a great way to get your child to exercise his muscles and build stamina too. If the route to school is safe, you can encourage your child to cycle to school as well.

Swimming: Most kids love water. So send your child for swimming classes as soon as he's ready and he'll have a weekly activity to look forward to. It's a great way to build muscle and endurance and strengthen the heart and lungs too. Apart from just swimming, he'll be confident enough to play all kinds of water games.

Trekking: Nothing makes you feel healthier than a breath of fresh air. So this monsoon let your child explore the joys of outdoor exercise with a trek. You could get a few parents in your neighbourhood together and organise a weekend trek for the children. Along the trail, you may notice your child getting tired and breathless occasionally but in no time he'll be used to it and his stamina will improve too.

Taking up a sport: As your child grows older, he may not have too much play time. That's why it's important that he takes up a sport like football, basketball, throw ball etc. This will ensure that he always has the company of his teammates in school or even college to play the game. Encourage him to choose a sport he is likely to play even as an adult. He will reap the benefits throughout his life.

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