Makeup Tips For Fat Face!!


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Sep 3, 2012

It is said that having a round face makes you look younger as opposed to having a thin face. Well, that can indeed be true to certain extent, but majority of women curse their fat face or round face as they would think about the intricacies of getting makeup done on their face. As the matter of fact, it is true that the facial features get camouflaged due to the fat content on the face.

However, you need not be skeptical about the application of makeup on your face, as we give you some great makeup tips for a round face on how to enhance your features and highlight your beauty. It is interesting to know that there are many tricks to make your face look thinner and longer

Check out the following tips on how to make your round face look longer and thinner!

Highlights: Highlighter makes the features of your face appear more defined. Make sure you use face powder and bronzer as they are the two main products to fix the problem of your fat face. Take a medium sized brush and dip it in the bronzer. Sweep the bronzer under the jawline, along your nose and across your cheekbones. By highlighting these features, your face will appear slimmer.

Eye Makeup: Make your eyes stand up. This is the best way to make your features highlight is through getting a proper eye makeup done. Make sure your eyes look bigger, this can be done by adding eyeliner to the corners of your eyes. Apply thick mascara to make your eye lashes look longer and thicker. And when it comes to eye shadow, be a little careful and choose the one that complements your skin tone.

Lips: For lip shade use a nude colour, in order to make your lips fuller and natural. Do not make the mistake of applying red shade or any other bright colour, which would make your lips look as if its bee-stung! Your lips should not stand out as much as your eyes do. The best way to make them look natural is by using neutral pink or beige.

Hair: This is the most important factor. Getting a proper haircut works wonder for a round face. A perfect makeup and hairstyle can make women with round and fat face appear slimmer. If your face is long, consider getting a fringe, and if it is wide, it is recommended for you to go for a straight cut.

These are some of the makeup tips to make your fat round face look slimmer.Take Care!!

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