Makeup To Make Legs Look Thin & Glossy!


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Makeup To Make Legs Look Thin & Glossy!

Makeup is not just limited to face and arms but also legs. Makeup can be applied on the face to lift the cheekbones, hide fat or big nose, cover moles or dark spots on the face or simply look gorgeous in the attire. If you wish to get thinner legs then makeup is an effective option to build the illusion of thin and long legs. Read on to know makeup tips for legs to look thin.

Makeup tips for legs:

  • Legs are an important body part which describes the personality and height of the woman. Thin legs make you look lean and tall whereas thigh fat can make you look short and heavy. Therefore, apply makeup on the legs to make them look thin and long.

  • Wear short length dress which flaunts the thighs. To begin with makeup, wash the legs with body wash or soap and then apply toner. This helps the makeup to last longer.

  • Apply good amount of body lotion or moisturizer. Shinny legs automatically gives the illusion of thin and long legs.

  • You can also apply self-tanning lotion to get the shiny thin legs instantly. By applying this lotion, you also hide the flaws in the skin such as dark spots, wrinkles or stretch marks.

  • Applying olive oil is a natural remedy to make the legs look thin and shinny. After bath, apply olive oil everyday to keep the skin moisturized, smooth and shiny whole day.

  • To hide moles or stretch marks, apply little foundation which is lighter than the skin tone and then follow it up with a concealer. This makeup tip is good to hide flaws on legs.

  • Apply little bronzer to get the perfect finish. Bronzer should be applied with brush to let it spread on the larger areas easily. This also helps add more shiny and glossy look to the legs.

  • To make the legs look thin, always wear pencil heels with the short length dresses. Heels boosts up the leg and buttock muscles which can reduce the thigh fat and make them look thin too.

  • Avoid wearing boots or shoes with short length dresses which flaunt the thighs. Only high heels are the best footwear to make the legs look thin and tall.

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