Male Superiority: How it affects a Marriage?


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Male Superiority: How it affects a Marriage?

Since ancient times, men have claimed to be superior to women in all aspects of life. They have been the hunters, warriors and all-around breadwinners for centuries and until recently women were not allowed to vote, run for elected office or even seek employment outside of the home.

There are many reasons for this social standard such as the Biblical story that men were created before women, and the fact that they actually are physically stronger than women in almost all cases. This has allowed them to historically have positions of power and unlimited opportunity compared to women, and although the dominance of male superiority is on the decline in this century, there are still some men who feel they are better than women based solely on gender. If you are one of these men and you are married, then your marriage is at risk of being negatively affected by your beliefs in the following ways:

  • When you think that you are superior to your wife, you will be more likely to disregard her thoughts and opinions. This may be seen as disrespectful or demeaning by your partner. For a marriage to be successful, there needs to be mutual respect, trust and good communication between you and your partner – all the things that you are undermining by acting macho. Treat your wife as an equal while also supporting her, and your marriage will grow stronger.
  • Men with this superiority complex tend to make decisions without consulting their partners which can make the wife feel insignificant in the relationship. For example, if you decided to take a loan and later found it difficult to pay back, your wife will feel hurt if you did not consult her about it. She may feel like you do not respect her, and in return, not trust you fully. Being open to discuss financial issues as a couple will keep your relationship on good terms.
  • Some men who believe in male superiority may resort to violence in order to show dominance and control over their partners. The violence can be in form of hitting, kicking, slapping, shoving or verbally abusing the woman. This is known as domestic violence, and women in such relationships tend to cower, lose their self-respect, self-esteem and end up resenting their husbands. Eventually these women seek help and leave the marriage, as there are many support groups for women who are in negative relationships, and the issue of domestic violence is no longer ignored by modern society. Men who have abusive tendencies should seek personal and marital counseling for the sake of their marriage.
  • Your superior attitude may force your wife to look for comfort and love in the arms of another man who does not demean her or show her disrespect. She might fall in love with this another man and want to leave you because he meets her needs emotionally. You can avoid this by using your male attributes to make your wife feel safe, supported and respected, and she will be much more likely to appreciate your strengths and return the mutual respect that exists between two equal partners.
In order to prevent male superiority beliefs from destroying your marriage, use it positively by helping out your partner with things that require physical strength like carrying bags, fixing the sink, or just opening a door for her. Use your belief of being superior to do things that will make your wife love you more instead of growing to resent you.
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