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Jul 5, 2011
Fairy tales and Personal development

If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be
more intelligent, read them more fairy tales."

Albert Einstein, Scientist

Folk tales passed down from generation to generation long before an average man orwoman could read and write. In the days before DSTV, Playstation and computergames, fairytales fulfilled the role of entertainment

What is interesting is that many fairy tales with similar, plots and characters are to be found in almost all cultures throughout the world, from the Native American Indianfolklore through to the Chinese tales. The Chinese can lay claim to the oldest knownwritten version of Cinderella which dates back to the ninth century A.D

The benefits of fairytales over the average cartoon

Firstly, if your children are lucky enough to have you read to them, it’s quality
time which will certainly enhance their sense of well-being and feeling of being
loved and calm them down before bedtime

Secondly it’s a chance to improve their ability to create and imagine

As Albert Einstein, one of the greatest
physicists of all time and best known for his theory of relativity, said: “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Unless we can imagine something first, we can never invent or create the world we want to inhabit. So use these stories to stimulate your child’s ability to imagine and problem-solve. Once the children are lost in the forest, ask your child how they could find their way out, given only some pebbles or the stars. Allow them to figure out creative solutions even if in your mind they are always practical.

Thirdly reading fairytales helps children to identify with the most common theme
in nearly all these tales – namely the ability for the victim to become the victor.
Against all odds, be it poverty, such as Jack in Jack and the Beanstalk, starvationas in Hansel an Gretel or dealing with abusive step-parents or parents such as inCinderella or Snow-white, the tales show that it is possible to become the hero/ine in your own life story. No matter who is trying to do what to you, the tales show we can find the inner strength to emerge victorious and live in ourown castle happily ever after. They also show that while there is help available,ultimately each hero/ine has to draw on their own strength and courage if they are to succeed.

Fourthly, most of the stories feature help that comes in the form of a guide, in theguise of talking birds or animals such as Puss in Boots, funny little men such asthe dwarves in Snow-white or other humans such as the ogre’s wife in Jack andthe Beanstalk. This teaches children that there is a higher level of help availableto call upon, which may come to us in many guises and forms. It doesn’t matterwhat religion or belief system you adhere to, help is available, we only have to beopen to asking and receiving it.

Sometimes the stories show that it is necessary to go against those in authority ifwe are to find our own identity. This is not to say that fairytales encourage
disobedience, they certainly don’t, however there are times where children have
to make a decision or act in a way that shows they have to think for themselves.
Hansel’s mother certainly did not want him to return home from the forest,
however his clever planning ensured that he was able to do so and in so doing
save not only his own life, but that of his sister as well. While Jack’s mother was
furious when he traded their cow for a few magic beans, Jack showed that he
was able to think beyond the limitations imposed by his mother and ultimately
through this decision, to financially support them both.

Lastly, they also teach children that the world is not always a perfect place and
that bad things do happen to good people. However they also show that in the
end good always wins over evil.

In helping our children to understand the lessons demonstrated in fairytales we teach them how to make the fairytale in their own lives come true.

Fables and Fairy Tales

hi, Parents Pls make use of this link and give your children a ever green memory of their childhood

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