Mans attraction to woman


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Everyone knows men are visual creatures, so one would assume a guy's initial attraction will most certainly be dominated by a lady's obvious physical strengths and not the ones hidden beneath her shiny exterior.

Sure, it's a nice bonus if she's bright and congenial, but more often than not her pillowy lips, cascading hair and hourglass figure will etch the deepest impression those first few meet and greets.

Sort of.

Naturally, "sexual chemistry" and "smile" rank high when a man initially meets a woman but as time marches on and fleshy excitement simmers, "kindess" and "sense of humor" ranked in the top


Here's the official list of what initially attracts a man to a woman:

1.) Sexual chemistry
2.) Smile
3.) Kindness
4.) Sense of humor
5.) General body type
6.) Eyes
7.) Intelligence
8.) Communication skills
9.) Teeth/Lips
10.) Hair

Here's what attracts a man to a woman in the long-term:

1.) Kindness
2.) Sense of humor
3.) Communication skills
4.) Sexual prowess
5.) Intelligence
6.) Smile
7.) Listening skills
8.) Money/Wealth
9.) General body type/fitness
10.) Eyes

It's comforting to see that "smile" outranked "general body type" across the board, and also interesting to note that "kindness," "sense of humor" and "communication skills" are more important than "sexual prowess" in the long-run. Ironically, "intelligence" fell a few points from initial meeting to long-term attraction.

Perhaps because it was outshined by "communication skills"?
a man's needs really aren't too different from woman's once the
dust settles and a commitment is established.

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