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Sep 12, 2014
hi all

i got married last week. from the day after my marriage my and my husband's relatives are asking us to have food in their house which tradition known as marriage virunthu. everyday we used to go any one of the relative's house to have food. frankly saying i dont even like this tradition. from my marriage day to still we hadn't set free together. we are always in relatives house to have food alone. many relatives are inviting for this virunthu. our holidays are vanishing without spending time with each other. how to avoid this tradition. how to overcome from this.


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May 7, 2011
Hi Friend

Welcome to Penmai.

Hearty Congrats for your Wedding.

This is simple matter don't worry.

We also have this tradition, but we will not go immediately after wedding. We will usually go in week ends.

Go to honeymoon, then nobody will say anything. You tell your in laws and parents that you will visit the relatives house later. With out hurting anybody handle this matter smoothly.


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Dec 2, 2011
Welcome to Penmai....friend.

Congratulations for your marriage.

Yes....this happens to all the newly married couples.

All the relatives are inviting to have good relations with the newly married couple and the main aim in this tradition is the new bride or bridegroom need to get accustomed with them, know about the new relatives.

They might also be in a hurry since you may need to go for the job, and not find time to visit their house.

And this is very elaborate tradition, and a must, in the towns and villages, than in the cities.

You can never avoid this and their affection.

You have lot of time throughout your life time to know each other.

After these few days, no one is going to invite you if you start going to office.

This practice will make you ease and come out of the shyness as a new bride.

So, please don't try to avoid their invitation and visit all their houses.

Later, you will surely have lot of time to understand each other.

Few months later, you can very well take a small vacation for a week and enjoy a lot. that time there will not be any hindrance from any of the relative.

Please think this as a goodwill gesture from the relatives.

Please make up your mind to visit their house with a pleasant mood and not with hatred.

Haven't you gone for the honeymoon yet?

If not, why don't you plan for that immediately and go for a short break?

All the best for your future married life.
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