Men Fashion Tips To Carry Ripped Jeans!


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Jul 5, 2011
Men Fashion Tips To Carry Ripped Jeans!

Ripped jeans is not a new trend in the fashion world. You must have seen rock n roll singers, celebs and college guys carrying those torn jeans with ease. Well, you can also wear the ripped jeans and team up with a t-shirt or even a shirt! Here are few men fashion tips to wear ripped jeans with style...

Men fashion tips to wear ripped/torn jeans:

1. Ripped jeans look best when the colour of the jeans fade. In short, ripped jeans should appear worn out and old. To get the worn out effect in the jeans, you can wash a jeans 3-5 times or else pick up an old jeans and rip off from the thighs or knees with the help of blade.

2. Mark the spots in jeans where you want to tear it. With the scissors or blade, cut the spots. If your thighs are heavy, go for vertical strips rather than the horizontal ones. Torn jeans on thighs or else knees are the best to carry rock n funky look.

3. Low waist ripped jeans with a slim fit t-shirt or jersey gives the ideal casual look to carry torn jeans with style. You can team this casual look with a funky belt to get the dirty bad boy look!

4. As torn jeans gives a casual look to the personality, you can wear slippers or flip flops when teamed up with t-shirt or sandos for the more casual and funky look.

5. You can also wear ripped jeans with a shirt! One men fashion tip before wearing torn jeans with shirt is to go casual even with the shirt. You can tug the shirt in front and wear the shirt lose. Team up with a boots or sneakers to get the casual and formal mix.

6. Accessorise a torn jeans and t-shirt with a necklace designed for men. The trendy men necklaces with a watch as a pendant are great to accessorise the look.

7. As it is winter, try teaming up the ripped jeans with a blazer or jacket. Wear a t-shirt inside to get the stylish look!

8. Ripped jeans is a simple and stylish look. Need not put much effort to enhance the look as the torn jeans can be carried without much accessories.

Try these men fashion tips to wear ripped/tor
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