Men have a 'relationship' with gadgets


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Jul 5, 2011
Men have a 'relationship' with gadgets

Be it communication devices, play station, music systems, sports gear, cars and other electronic equipments, men share a special relationship with gadgets. It's only when a woman understands her man's fondness for these gizmos, are they able to balance their relationship with them. Here's why men believe in romancing their gadgets:

Sense of freedom
For most men, the iPad, cell phone, or their wireless PDA and compact notebook are symbols of freedom. The mere fact that they own one such gadget makes a man feel unbound. A man can store huge amount of information in his tiny device and feel confident.

Sense of power
Gadgets like laser pointers provides a sense of power to men. Men love to feel powerful and gadgets enhance their supremacy, at least they feel so. The SUV cars and high-speed Internet connections are all demonstrations of power for men.

Funkiest cars, tiniest video camera, expensive function-laden watch, and the fastest computer - all these work as ego-boosters for men. In fact, men use gadgets to impress each other. Arm wrestling, bike racing or drinking competitions are no more the ways to prove masculinity; it's these gadgets that do the trick now. They are the new way to show off wealth, taste, advancement and knowledge.

Gadgets lure women
Well, that's what men! A classy car, latest cell phone, expensive watches and other gadgets, men think, help impress women.

Need to fidget
Men often have a tendency to get restless easily and gadgets contribute to the cause. Television remote control, mobile phones, laptops are few perfect examples of fidgeting gadgets men tend to use.

Stress buster
Men prefer to avoid talking about the subject that's giving them stress and gadgets often work as a stress buster in such situations. Engaging themselves in gadgets is the way men choose to de-stress themselves.


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Jul 26, 2012
very interesting to know about what are all men do to attract their partners. thanks vijigermany

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