Men really can hurt their tool


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Jul 5, 2011
Men really can hurt their tool

You didn't think you could break it, but apparently, you can. Here are the most common ways men hurt their tool

One would think its common sense to handle some parts of the anatomy with greater care than others. While most reflexes are instinctive, sometimes one ends up paying a high price for carelessness, bravado or, simply adventure. Fracturing a penis, though rare, is possible. With a little mishandling or rough maneuvers, one can cause serious tissue damage to the organ with bruising and swelling to boot. If not treated on time, this condition could become permanent. Dr Prakash Kothari, HOD of the department of Sexual Medicine at the KEM hospital and a founder advisor for the world association for sexual health, lists out the most common ways in which men tarnish their family jewels.

Morning mayhem
Young men are especially prone to hurting their erect penis, even if fracture is a rarity. According to Kothari, the erection men get in the mornings, soon after waking up is usually quite strong and hard. If, at this point, they happen to fall or bang into an object, it can cause severe tissue damage.

This is accompanied by bruising, discomfort, pain and a growing ache. A common way of masturbation is by rubbing the erect penis on the bed or against a hard surface. If done too aggressively, it could end up being hurtful. "Symptoms of a penile fracture are severe pain and swelling. In some cases, due to capillary ruptures, there might be some internal bleeding that can cause redness," he says.

In case of a fracture, visit a urologist immediately. It'll require a simple surgery where the damaged tissue is repaired with a few stitches. Avoid selfprescribing oral medication as this could worsen the situation. If not repaired immediately (within three to four hours), a fracture could also lead to permanent erectile dysfunction.

Hard and fast
Adventurous stunts in the bedroom can be a lot of fun, but not paying close attention to where you're headed could bring them to a painful halt. According to Kothari, especially in new marriages, the excitement is so intense that men rush in without asking for directions.

Even the most experienced men can have a hard time locating the vaginal entry, and an excited pounce could land on the hard pelvic bone. This usually results in a fracture. "The best thing to do during is to hand your organ over to your partner. She knows where it goes," he says.

Moves such as the womanon-top position, can also be risky as she may not be able to anticipate a hurtful position for you. A little care and a to-and-fro motion will keep things safe.

All zipped up
Basic personal hygiene requires the wearing of underwear, but it's not just to keep things clean. "Very often, both children and adults end up zipping up their trousers in a hurry and accidently clasp their foreskin in between. This is painful, as one can imagine, and also causes bleeding. The first thing to do is to control the bleeding with cotton or a hanky and some ice. Metallic zips tend to slice off the foreskin, which can require a few sutures. Plastic zips are relatively safer," Kothari explains.

Avoid immediate arousal for two to three days and intercourse for about a week so things can go back to normal.

Kicked around
Nothing says sport better than a good game of cricket or football. But without proper protective gear, a kick or a knock in the scrotum could be debilitating. According to Kothari, rough play is another major reason why men hurt their organ. A hard ball or a kick can result in excessive swelling of the testicles which can make it very painful to walk or even sit. Visit a doctor for a course of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs, along with painkillers if needed. Adequate rest is also essential for proper healing.

Gone on too long
In extreme cases, men suffering from erectile dysfunction resort to self-injection therapy of certain medication that helps them sustain an erection for an hour or two. In some cases, this can get extended for over three to four hours causing Priapism or persistent painful erection. This painful condition also needs immediate medical attention since the blood and semen need to be released from the organ. If denied, this can lead to permanent impotence.

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