Men turned on by successful women


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Men turned on by successful women

Successful women are desirable, feel most men. Debarati S Sen speaks to a few and finds out that they all have some very interesting things to say

Jackie Shroff:
I do not think that just because a woman I successful her desirability factor increases. That is a wrong notion. A simple girl from a small village can sometimes be more desirable and attractive than anyone in the city. A woman is always attractive and her beauty, I believe, lies in her simplicity. The tag or label of a successful woman is not something that will make her more attractive. The bashfulness in her eyes is what makes a woman desirable. Her slight blush is her zevar. There lies true beauty and that is extremely desirable.

Prahlad Kakkar:
Men have always loved successful women. A man who is confident and sure of himself is the man who can like a successful woman. It takes a very confident man to like a woman who is successful. To like her, to live with her is not easy for a man who is not comfortable around a successful woman. Successful women are the ones who are ambitious, confident, beautiful and very desirable. These women are special and it takes a very special man to accept and love them.

Aditya Hitkari:
Every woman has a distinct personality and there are certain unique traits that make her desirable to her man. Every woman is attractive in that way. Just because she is successful does not make her desirable. If a person is successful then that particular person is always in the public eye. Since that person is in the people's consciousness it does make them desirable to an extent for all. This however works not just for women but it applies to the men too. Even men who are successful are desirable.

Manav Gohil:
Yes. Successful women are desirable. A woman with a strong personality of her own and who has her individuality intact is someone who is usually very successful. Men, I feel, would find such women desirable. Around 20 years back men would not tolerate women who were successful, around ten years back they were insecure but now they have evolved socially and are more probable to not only accept but adore a successful woman. In small towns however the woman is still predominantly a housewife and men are accustomed to see her take the backseat in life. They prefer women who are docile, not very outgoing and who are basically homebodies. Men in big towns would surely want a woman who is a successful with a personality of her own.

Bappa Lahiri:
For me success does not matter, it is more about liking her for what she is. It would definitely make me feel proud to see her work being applauded. How successful a woman is not something that will help me measure how much I like her. If she is successful in life I would be very proud of her. The woman is just who and what she is and that is the reason I would like her not because she has achieved something particular.

Arjun Punj:
I would rather like the woman for the person she is and not for the kind of success she has achieved in life. For me success is not a measure of desirability. When a woman is doing well in life one really looks up to her. She usually hides her flaws well and one gets to see only her best side. The desirability factor thereby increases to a large extent.

Milind Soman:
Of course! Successful 'everybody' is more desirable, who wants to be with a loser? To me success is defined as being happy with oneself and making a positive impact on one's environment. A woman who is happy being the person she is a desirable woman.

Anuj Saxena:
Successful women are desirable because they definitely live life with a lot of passion and have an attitude that is a class of its own and this is what is very attractive to the male ego. They are intellectually infectious and one enjoys their conversations and company. They take their own decisions all the time and are headstrong and to be in the company of such women makes a lot of other people envious too. Successful women are perceived in totally different light from the normal woman. Their personality becomes different on account of balancing personal and professional life and mind functions in all directions quickly and they have a special aura around them of being successful which is very positive and attracts men intellectually and emotionally. A successful woman can be a good inspiration and they often take time in getting attached emotionally and are often independent in nature and have their set of priorities. They tend to be immersed completely in whatever they do. Successful women tend to be articulate and at times may have a dash of arrogance too which many men may find attractive initially.

Successful women are desirable because they not only have a heart but also an attitude to match it.

Angad Hasija:
Successful women are definitely desirable. Men often feel that it is an achievement to woo such a woman. To be in the company of a woman who is successful is attractive to most men. They definitely have a different lifestyle from normal women and are unpredictable to the hilt. Men always want the unpredictable. Successful women have individuality and can be more understanding towards your profession as compared to any other woman. A successful woman's attitude is the most attractive part of their individuality and is a big turn on for men.

Ashmit Patel:
A successful woman does not need a man or that is what she portrays and she exudes this aura of confidence that a man finds very attractive. The man knows that this lady can do very well without him and does not need him at all. This independence is what he gets attracted to.

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