Men, women and double standards


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Men, women and double standards

We live in a society where over the years, the term 'equality' has lost its meaning. Even in the world of dating, there are somethings that men are expected to do. And if the same is done by a woman, it's looked down upon. So what are these dating standards that refuse to let us live in the age we're actually in?

1. Play on: So here's the first one. The whole notion of dating is so differently viewed in society for both men and women. If a man dates too many women than he can handle, the words used for him are Player, Casanova or even Romeo. Everyone feels, that for a man, the number of women he dates is directly proportional to his charm. But the same doesn't apply to a woman. Say a woman has dated too many men, she's instantly tagged a slut. No brownie points for her charm here.

2. Meet and ask: Two smart looking people meet for the first time at a bar. Hearts skip beats, eyes-only flutter and then what? The next thing that would help it become a romantic movie would be, the first conversation. But here's how they view it. It's the man who has to take the first step. Be it walking up to her to ask her if he could buy her a drink or to subtly hint her to pass on the digits of her phone number, everything should be initiated by a man.

3. Stud vs cougar: If you're an older man who is dating a younger woman, there's something interesting about you. You're the stud who can get younger women drool. But when you're an older woman and you're dating a younger man, the label you're gifted is that of a cougar or a cradle-snatcher.

4. On your knees: There's the meeting, asking out, dating and proposing phase in a relationship. And guess who is suppose to get on their knees and say, "Will you marry me?" You guessed it right. It has got to be the guy or he'll be tagged a spineless man.

5. Moody me: When a woman is not in the mood for sex, the reason that she can get away with is, "I'm tired." But if a man is unwilling to have sex for whatever rhyme or reason, the questions that follow are, 'Why? Is there something wrong with me? Are you in love with someone else? Are you cheating on me? Is it over?' and the list is endless. No wonder, men would rather be seen as love machines who constantly have 'sex' on their mind rather than face the onslaught of questions.

6. The 50 effect: You're above 50 and you are a man? Here's what you'll be called; quintastic or hot. But aged about 50 and you're a woman, there's a term for you lady, 'wrinkled.'

7. Single with a kid? The thought that crosses your mind when you see a single man with a kid is, 'he probably is a good, caring father.' But a single woman often does not get the same response. Some men will not even consider dating her and look at her like there's something wrong with her, because she is on her own and is unmarried?

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