Menses need not be a barrier in sex?


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Menses need not be a barrier in sex?

Sex can be a lot of fun even when a girl is menstruating.

What does one do if one feels horny at 'that' time of the month? Many treat sex like a forbidden fruit when the woman is menstruating. Probably, the thought of it makes us imagine an uncomfortable and messy picture. But this need not be so. According to studies, sex can be an equally enjoyable activity as otherwise, even during those few days.

Notions like having sex during your periods is more painful or dangerous, or it might affect a man's performance levels, have no scientific explanation. But, both the partners need to comfortable with the idea. Before anything starts, perceptions like 'it's unclean' or 'dirty' need to be shown the door.

Having sex during menses is a great pain reliever for women, informs gynecologist Dr Vrushali Lampat. She says, "Sex releases feelgood hormones called endorphins. These are known to reduce the menstrual pain and cramps to a large extent. This, in turn, releases feelings of depression, anxiety or anger that women usually face during their menses." The physical activity also causes additional contractions which releases blood faster, and in more quantities than usual. This reduces the duration of the menses."

Research says that women enjoy sex more during their periods. Explaining the facts, Dr Lampat adds, "The fullness in the pelvic and genital areas during their periods cause heightened levels of pleasure. It is usually noticed that the nearing of the menses cause a flare in the feelings of having sex in women. This can be attributed to the raging hormones that play riot during the time."

This is also one of those rare times when couples can have unprotected sex as the risk of pregnancy is at its minimum. Those who feel that using a condom deprives them of complete satisfaction can make use of this opportunity. But doctors add a word of caution. Consulting sex expert Dr Ganesh Raisinghani advises, "Though it is an ideal time to have unprotected sex, it is also the time when a woman is most vulnerable to infections. Hence, we suggest using protection at all times. Also, oral sex and experimenting with different positions should be avoided completely."

Whether or not to have sex at such a time is a matter of personal choice. But if both the partners are cool about it, then why not?

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