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Jun 9, 2010
[h=1]How Ayurveda Heals Migraine?[/h]
Migraine headache is one of the most common chronic diseases today in Indian women. Though present in men, Ayurveda physiological basis justifies its prominence among women. Chief complaints by the sufferer include moderate or severe one sided headache, a feeling to vomit, sensitivity to light, intolerance to sound and typical aura(visual or auditory signals which indicate that an attack of headache is about to occur). It is considered as a chronic neurological disorder though the cause is yet to be known completely.
Pain is usually aggravated by physical activity, exposure to sunlight and characteristically increases towards mid-day. The occurrence of aura is associated with vascular factors ( shrinkage and expansion of blood vessels in the brain) or irritation of specific nerve centres in the brain stem. Stress is a certain triggering agent for a migraine attack.​
Usually the chronic victim of Migraine feels relieved of headache by vomiting the stomach contents. The condition is also accompanied with motion sickness in many patients. Migraine headache falls under Ayurvedic disease terminology Ardhavabheda or Suryavarta. The defective bioenergy combination is vata-pitta. In women, the attack is usually severe during the monthly cycles especially in those affected by menstrual cramps.​
An attack of Migraine can be prevented by resorting to timely food intake(skipping breakfast or lunch will worsen the condition) avoiding exposure to mid-day sun, meditation, reducing the proportion of spicy and oily stuff in the food, ensuring sound sleep of at least 5-7 hours during night, having fruits included in the regular meal, drinking fresh juices once a day(if appetite is good) taking intermittent short breaks during working hours and regular practice of yoga.​
Ayurveda medicines which are found to be effective are Indukantam kashayam, pathyashadangam, Avipathy churnam, Matulunga rasayanam etc. Therapies like Talam, Sirodhara, Nasya etc. have a lot to contribute to overcome this suffering.

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