mil is not willing to take care of my son

Feb 11, 2015
hi dears i am working mom. my son is 4yr old. he is going to preschool. for these days my mil only take care of my son in home till i come from office. but now my mil said that she can't take care of him. she told me to leave my job and take care of my son. me and my husband should need to go for work to manage our family expenses and future savings. but my suddenly saying like this. my husband also talked with her. but she is not willing to take care of my son. please tell what can i do. i can't leave my job. please give me any suggestion.


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Jul 26, 2012
Hi Janu, welcome to! Don't insist your mil when she is not willing to take care. If something happen to your son, she will easily blame you only. Please talk to your office and apply for long unpaid leave where in your job is secured but you will not get your monthly salary. Your son's growth in a amicable atmosphere is more important than your job. Hence explain all these things to your boss and convince your boss to accept your leave without pay. You have to do this sacrifice for your son's bright future. All the best. thank you!


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Dec 2, 2011
Welcome to Penmai.....Janu.

Please don't worry.

Since you have told that it is very much necessary for you to go for a job to meet the expenses, and many MILs do feel very difficult to handle the naughty children ( children above 4 will surely be little naughty and the elders cannot run after them),

I have few suggestions for you.

If your parents are in a nearby area of your house or your office, then you can leave your son with your mother till you come from the office.

If possible, your parents can also shift their house to your area or you can shift your house to your to their area.

If your financial position allows, then you may arrange for a care taker for your son at home, during your office hours. She can take care of your son, while your MIL will also be at home. So, she cannot misuse anything. But be sure about her genuineness. Either she can bring back your son from school or you can arrange the school vehicle to drop him back at home. (many of my friends and relatives are following this suggestion)

You can find a Suitable Creche near your Office, and if possible, you can shift your son's school in that area itself.

You can ask the school vehicle to leave your son in the Creche . Later , you may pick him up after your office hours. Through this, you can visit your son in the creche once in 3 to 4 hours. You can also check the care taken by the creche workers by visiting them in between.

You can make arrangement with your Office management for Working from Home option after your son arrives home, if you are working in IT sector.

As suggested by Sumitra sister, You can talk to the management and leave this job for time being, say 2 or 3 years and then join the same company later.

During this time, you can pick up any job like a teacher in the nearby school (it may be your son's school too).

You can take Tuitions at home.

If you are good at Tailoring or any other craft making, then you can start some classes for this.

You can do Data Entry jobs by having a Tie -up with any other companies. You can ask for any other option like this from your Office management too. They may also help.

You can open any Xerox shop, Mobile currency shop, Boutique shop or anything like this in a nearby area to your house. When your son is awake, you can have him also along with you in this place.

By doing these home based job also, you can tackle your financial position and your son.

You can try any of these which may suit you and tackle the situation.
Jul 21, 2011
I think your son and his upbringing is your responsibility. Good that she
has helped you all these years but you can't take it for granted that she
will be doing it until she goes to the grave. Let her live her life peacefully
as the way she wants to live it in her old age. Find alternative solutions
instead of blaming her and burdening her with your problems. All the best
for finding out a way to suit everyone.

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