Miracle makeup, the new beauty mantra


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Miracle makeup, the new beauty mantra

The global trend today is using beauty products with skincare benefits that do more than just work on your vanity.

Looking stunning with make up on is passe. What's trending among women globally today is the combination of luxurious cosmetics with bioactive ingredients, leading to products that do more than just beautify your face. Advanced technological breakthroughs have resulted in hybrid cosmetics that allow women to avail of multiple advantages from everyday make up, providing health benefits alongside more glamorous ones.

Ask what the merits of such products would be and pat comes the expert view: they not only improve the radiance, texture and tone of skin but also qualify as antiaging products, among other benefits. Moreover, the once valid concern of make up ruining your skin by clogging pores no longer holds true thanks to medical advances. So now you can work all day (or party all night!) wearing a foundation that not only provides an even tint and luminosity to your complexion, but also allows your skin to repair itself.

Not only have dermatologists given their nod of approval to these products, it has led to a global trend among make up and skincare brands to develop cosmetics with medicinal value that glamorous women around the world swear by. Julia Roberts, the international face of beauty giant Lancome's Teint Miracle foundation, is one such celebrity with impeccable skin who swears by these creations. So what exactly does she seek in her products? "What I look for in a make up and skincare product is something light and easy. I don't like to put many layers of things or ask myself, 'How does this work?' What is nice is when the products you use do what they're supposed to do," she says.

To know more about how to get luminous skin like Roberts, "Today women play multiple roles of a hardworking mother and a professional, in addition to having an active social life. Because of work stress, pollution and hormone changes, our skin goes through some trauma. This results in dull complexion with uneven texture and pigmentation," says Dr Purnima Mhatre.

Ask dermatocosmetologist Dr Ashwini Padmewar about these hybrid cosmetic products and she says, "There has been an evolution in the cosmetic industry, wherein something useful is added to something necessary. For instance, a foundation or night cream with hyaluronic acid or retinoic acid will hydrate and repair the skin. Now regular sunscreens, lip balms and moisturisers are skin repairing products too."

These over the counter products are beneficial in more ways than one. Consultant dermatologist Dr Madhuri Agarwal informs, "For example, certain cosmetics come with a sunscreen that prevents photoaging, or roughness of skin pigmentation. Foundations and compacts now have ingredients like peptides that act as sun protectors and stimulate skin renovation. There is also broad-spectrum sunscreen in products like blushes and eye shadows, alongside antiaging properties."

So be it the working woman or the housewife, acquiring a flawless, glowing complexion is no longer restricted to special occasions. And with a product like Lancome Teint Miracle foundation, looking one's best is no longer the challenge it once was. "Often we see certain women looking radiant. This is nothing but the play of natural light on the skin's surface. Lancome Teint Miracle's patented AURA technology mimics this behaviour and makes your skin glow," says Shilpa Yadav, Product Manager, Lancome India. The foundation is oil-free and does not clog pores, has 40 per cent water which gives upto 18 hours of hydration, apart from SPF 15 and rose extracts to keep you fresh all day. All these qualities make it perfect for everyday wear. Here's what some wellknown names say about it:

"I tried Lancome Teint Miracle foundation and was pleasantly surprised with how light the product felt. It did not give me a cakey look at all. It truly works for a person like me who avoids applying layers of make up. I also used it under my eyes and was happy that it didn't crack. The product felt smooth on my skin and blended perfectly. It also gave my complexion luminosity, which is really important for me as it makes a huge difference on camera. I'm glad I have this product in my make up kit and can proudly say I'm a Teint Miracle fan!"
- Shazahn Padamsee, Actor

"I've always had difficulty finding a foundation that matches my skin colour, and I usually mix two shades to get the perfect blend. However, the Lancome Teint Miracle foundation I used was an exact match. Also, it was very light and natural looking. Since the product is water-based, it is perfect for our humid weather. It also gave good coverage and evened out my skin tone. Honestly, I was very impressed with the foundation."
- Pria Kataria Puri, Fashion designer

"Lately, a lot of people have saying that my skin looks luminous and even. They're surprised when I tell them it's Lancome Teint Miracle, as it looks as though I don't have any make up on. Everyone wants a foundation that does not make one look heavily made up, which is why I really like the product's natural finish. In fact, I've recommended it to many brides who come to me for their jewellery needs. Teint Miracle gives a soft regal look, which matches my design philosophy perfectly."
- Roopa Vohra, Jewellery designer

"Most brides-to-be book the best make up experts months in advance for their wedding. Under his/her expertise, they look fabulous on their big day, but what about the numerous appearances, parties and dinners that follow? Lancome Teint Miracle is that fabulous foundation that is light and provides adequate coverage, and comes in shades to suit every Indian complexion."
- Kumar Iyer, Celebrity make up artiste


Friends's of Penmai
Aug 10, 2011
That was helpful thanks Viji, I' ve been using Mac for sometime now not 100% satisfied with the product but this it he closest. Found that matches skin tone....

It is very hard to find a foundation that matches my skin tone, have spent a fortune on different brands but haven't found the perfect be yet.

Sure will try the one you have mentioned:)

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