MMA: New fitness rage


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Jul 5, 2011
MMA: New fitness rage

This summer add Mixed Martial Arts to your exercise regimen and see your fitness levels touch an all-time high. The best place to catch the right moves is the upcoming Super Fight League in Delhi, says Amin Ali.

Kicks that knock an opponent down, a punch that might leave the rival disoriented and submission moves that compel the challenger to tap out of a fight! Catch all this deadly action after a groovy opening by big ticket starlets at the Super Fight League (SFL) event in Delhi! SFL is 'the big thing' in sports entertainment right now. After two successful events in Mumbai and Chandigarh, Delhi is eagerly waiting to enjoy a serious sporting event dotted with an array of entertainment activities. As the third event in Delhi further cements the position of this high-adrenaline sport, we tell you how Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is not just about fighters in a cage displaying bestiality, but is actually one of the best exercises to stay fit. And Delhi is realising that too!

Test of endurance

Daniel Isaac, COO of SFL, who is nurturing local talent at a Nashik training academy for participation in the League, says that MMA is the latest craze in fitness training as it is one of the most rigorous exercise regimes. "People today undertake MMA training not just to turn professional fighters but also improve their endurance and overall fitness levels. We get a lot of young professionals at our Nashik facility for a weekend MMA session," says Isaac. And some of his trainees, after a gruelling regimen, have become professional fighters sweating it out in global events. "SFL has given a great platform to these trained athletes. We plan to set up training institutes all over the country and Delhi is on top of our list," he asserts.

Popular punch

While SFL may be the first ever professional MMA event of this magnitude in the city, the concept isn't entirely new. Sensei Yashpal Singh of Sanshinkan Martial Arts has been actively teaching MMA to fitness enthusiasts at his Gurgaon, Janakpuri and East of Kailash facilities for a while now. "Professionals who are busy with their daily jobs usually attend three sessions of two hours each every week. It not only improves their self defence skills but also takes their stamina level a few notches higher," affirms Singh. Nisha Verma, a certified fitness trainer seconds this, "Martial arts training is a great way to strengthen the body's core, build stronger muscles, improve agility and get over daily stress by sweating it out. Since it's very involving, one doesn't get bored." So, are you game for a fight?

What's Super Fight League?

- SFL is all about Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), a full contact and unarmed combat sport that test the grappling and striking techniques of fighters using multiple martial art forms like boxing, wrestling, kick boxing, karate and judo.

- In a non-championship fight, the fighters slog it out over three rounds of five minutes each inside a specially-built circular 'O' Zone fighting cage made of metal chains. The championship fights feature five rounds.

- An SFL event usually has eight fights - three featuring international fighters, one featuring women and four with Indian fighters.

- All fighters have to wear a mouthpiece (protection for teeth), groin protector, gloves and shorts during the fight. Female participants need to wear a chest protector.

- Shoes or padding on the feet, jewellery, piercing accessory and use of greasy substance on body are prohibited.

Ways to win

Knock Out: Any blow that may make a player unconscious, disoriented or unable to defend himself to continue the fight leads to a knock-out win for the opponent.

Technical Knock Out: If the referee notices that a fighter is not able to defend himself, he can intervene and end the contest in the interest of the fighter's safety.

Submission: A very popular wrestling manoeuvre where a fighter can force his opponent to verbally give up or tap his hand on the floor by getting him into an almost inescapable hold.

SFL 3 @ Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium, IP Estate, Mahatma Gandhi Road

(Ring Road), near ITO, May 6, 6 pm

Gates open from 4 pm; general entry from Gate 7

Parking: 1. Rajghat Parking (shuttle service will be provided from Rajghat);

2. Opposite Gate 3, IGI Stadium;

3. Opposite Gate 9 (under the bridge), IGI Stadium

Nearest Metro Station: Indraprastha

Fight schedule

Bout 1: Doug Marshall vs Zelg Galesic

Bout 2: Gurdarshan Mangat vs Liu Si Cong

Bout 3: Lakwinder Sekhon vs Vladimir Todorov

Bout 4: Baga Agaev vs Trevor Prangley

Bout 5: Kultar Singh Gill vs Quinton Arendse

Bout 6: Anup Kumar vs Chatmongkhon Simma

Bout 7: Lena Ovchynnkova vs Joanne Calderwood

Main Event

Global MMA sensation James Thompson vs former WWE wrestler Bobby Lashley

Delhi's Dare Devil

Delhi wrestler Anup Kumar Gujjar too will fight it out on Sunday. His training in various martial arts disciplines is finally paying off with the introduction of SFL. He started modestly at the Aaya Nagar akhara perfecting his wrestling moves for four years, learnt kickboxing, Muay Thai (combat sport popular in Thailand) before finally joining the MMA academy.

Be a SFL Fighter

Upload your CV at One just needs to have a strong training in any one form of martial arts. If the trainers shortlist you, you are called to the Nashik training centre and put through a trial. Once selected, SFL trains you free of cost in other forms of martial arts under Stand Up (boxing, kick boxing), Take Down (judo, wrestling) and Ground Fighting (Brazilian jiu-jitsu) categories and turns you into a professional fighter.
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Mar 3, 2012
I am a big fan of MMA and my favorite player is Todd Duffee who has also played a role of fighter in Never back down 2.

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