Mood Swings in the first trimester……..

Nov 24, 2011
Mood Swings in the first trimester……..

After the detection off the pregnancy and setting in off the nausea vomiting or extreme fatigue……..the next evident change an expecting mother will see is change in her mood and behavior. She may feel very blue and weepy over trivial issues or nothing at all. Sometimes very small advices or personal remarks will trigger anger and resentments.

It’s very normal to feel this way. One must understand that the expecting mother feels that everything about her is changing her preferences about food. She does not like what she used to like before rather does not know what she likes. Some foods trigger vomiting and what they are? She is totally confused. It’s all about discovering herself all over again. The nausea vomiting leads to lack of appetite dehydration fatigue and drop in the blood sugar levels which makes her very irritable.

Tired and unable to handle the normal usual day to day activities sets her tempers flying. Pregnancy is not a disability or disease its normal physiology, in the first trimester there are no physical changes either but lot off transformations are happening with in.

v Hold on take it slow.

v Eat small meals to avoid hunger and anger acting up together. It can blow a simple situation out of proportion.

v Rest enough at this time. A body and mind rested well is at peace and calm and is more sensible in handling situations.

v Music, indulging in hobbies and activities that are calming, meeting people who are comfortable and supportive to be with can elevate the mother’s mood.

v Partners need to be more supportive and not take things too seriously, take each moment as it comes. Smile after a show down laugh after a heartfelt cry, let it go.

Take care…. Love


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Jan 11, 2016
During pregnancy, it's quite normal to find that your moods become a bit unpredictable. You may be giggling away one minute, only to be crying for no apparent reason the next. Or perhaps you've become easily irritated, and nothing your partner says or does seems to help? Whatever it is you're feeling, you're not alone.

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