Morning Banana Diet-An Easy Way To Lose 5kg In Two Weeks


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Jun 9, 2010

Hitoshi Watanabe says that the combination of banana and water with room temperature leads to metabolism improvement, so a man that sticks to this diet can eat whatever he wants for dinner and lunch and he will still lose weight like crazy.

Also, the young bananas contain resistant starch of which we feel full. As a result, the process of fat burning is more intense, 30% faster, than with the help of traditional methods. And the water with room temperature improves the digestion and lowers the feeling of being hungry.
The diet is very simple. Rules for the banana diet:
The breakfast is consisted of only banana and water.
You can eat one big or two medium bananas. The most important thing is that the bananas are fresh and not mature, and the water is with room temperature.
Lunch and dinner: every other meal is as usual. Although it is recommended that you stick to several simple rules that will help you in weight loss during this diet:
-Never eat till you are fully full. It is best to stop eating when there is a little more room left in your stomach.
-Have dinner before 20:00, if you can in 18:00. If you feel hungry after the dinner, eat some fruit or muesli with yoghurt.
-During the lunch and dinner omit the desert. If you want something sweet, eat fruits.
-Drink plenty of water and other liquids. It is best to drink water with room temperature in little sips. Don’t drink water for 30 minutes after the meal.

-You can drink coffee, tea or juice occasionally between the meals. Alcohol is also permitted from time to time.
Plus in this diet: physical activity is not required
Minus for this diet: some people don’t have a good reaction to the pure carbohydrates (especially those with hypoglycemia)

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