mother in law father in law fights

Feb 23, 2015
in our home there was frequent fights between mother in law and father in law. they are fighting for sillly reasons. we have a daugther and son both of them are frustated with their fights. no peace after coming from work for us and for our kids after coming from to make them understand our situation?


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Dec 2, 2011
Welcome to Penmai....Sumathi.

Your husband can very well tell them very humbly, that they are disturbing others....even the neighbours.

He can also tell that your children would also aquire that tendencies to fight for silly reasons and that they along with you are very much embarrassed with these fightings.

Your husband can suggest suitable solutions for them. You can suggest these solutions to your husband and in turn he can suggest them to his parents. But he should not tell that these were your suggestions/solutions.

If they come to know this, they will become angry over you.

And your children also can tell their grandparents in a very soft manner, that their fight make them very sad and very much embarrassed in front of their friends who come to know(or happen to hear) these fights.

They should tell their grandparents that they love them so much except when they fight like small children.

Or else, your children can divert their attention when they start to fight, by asking them to play something with them or tell some stories or ask them do any kind of small help to them.

Your daughter can ask her paatti to put a new plait(பின்னல் ) for her.

Your son can ask to play cricket from his thatha.

They can ask them to listen to any of their day to day school activity.

Thus, their tempo to fight will disappear and will surely get diverted.

Let this continue till they fight.

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