mother in law problem with grand child

Mar 30, 2015
my mother in law always have complaints about my kids. she is always compaing my kids with her daughters kids. i am so much worried because there were many issues developing in our home due to this. my husband understand this problem but not at all asking or telling her to change this character. m

my kids are so much irritated.


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Dec 2, 2011
Welcome to Penmai....Vanathi @vanathiraj

This is a common scenario in many families.

So, please do not worry much.

Though it will be much irritating, you and your children must learn to ignore the comments or complaints of your MIL.

Just don't listen to them. Concentrate on your other works.

You may suggest the same to your kids too.

You may suggest your kids to talk well to their grandma and shower their affection on her, when she is talking about all the other things and just move away from the place when she is starting to compare or complain about your kids.

This itself will make her understand and she might curtail her attitude.

If she happens to ask your kids about this, then they could tell her that they have read in their books that "Each and every child is different in their abilities and no one is similar to other. and there is no need to imitate others". They should tell this to her in a soft manner and not harshly.

If still she doesn't understand and continues the same, then Your kids can also ask her whether their cousins (your SIL's kids) have few qualities which they drawing, painting, stitching, singing, dancing , reading fast, talking fast or any other quality.

Even after this, if she continues the same, there is no other go than to ignore such talks of her.

When your husband is not telling these to her, only your kids has to take it in action.
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