Music as our driving force


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Music as our driving force

It can make your spirits sore and make you smile during your worst times. Music has the power to heal a broken heart and produce some of those feel good hormones in the body.

Music has different effects on humans. Many believe that music heals, so do I. Here is an introductory on the types of music that are there and the ones that can make you sway to their beats and tap your foot, the ones that make you sing along and those ones which make you want to cry and heal yourself. Here is a list of the different kinds of Music genres.

Instrumental music:
It can be categorized into three significant streams- vocal music, western instrumental music and oriental classical music. The vocal Instrumental Music is both complicated and critical. The intricate work of high pitch and low pitch voice is an amazing experience. As opined in the words of Tagore, vocal Instrumental Music is "a marriage of two forces."

Trance music:
Trance music is generally played in the club houses and dance floors of discos. Trance music was developed in the early quarters of the 20th century. The tempo of trance music is fast. It is often dubbed as electronic art music. It acquired its name from the repetitious beats of the percussion.

Country music:
Country Music is born in the soil of southern states of United States. The roots of country music are in folk music, Celtic music, church music and gospels, aboriginal numbers and tribal music.

Hip-Hop music:
It consists of rhythm and blues. Hip-Hop music is substantially influenced by jazz, street and black music. It was in the voice of Bob Marley or Robert Nesta Marley that Hip-Hop music happened to be recognized. Hip-Hop music originated in the mid 1970s amongst the black American population.

Pop music:
It is also dubbed as the popular music as it can be both classical and folk. Genres of music cannot be divided in water tight compartments. Therefore, we can often notice that the singer singing both rock and pop music. It is good to listen to the soft notes of Pop music as many physicians recommend listening to pop music during pregnancy.

Techno music:
It's more contemporary form of music more popularly known as fusion music. In this the different genres of music intermingle. It became popular in the mid of 1980s as it is often claimed to be a product of the industrialization. It is also named as electronic art music. Techno music was formulated in basement studios by "The Belleville Three".

Fabulous music:
Fabulous Music can consist of the sentimental and mushy numbers of Joan Baez, Simon and Garfunkel, Bob Dylan, Carpenters, Travis, Leonard Cohen and John Denver, Travis Garland, et al. This genre of country music will linger in your loves secluded sweet mornings and misty evenings. Fabulous music. It constitutes of hip-hop, reggae, pop, instrumental, classical and authentic traditional songs.

Latin music:
Latin Music has a niche of its own. It has gained popularity in the contemporary age. With the popularity of South American dances like bolero, carimbo, conga, lambada, Macarena, salsa, mambo and so on. It has a unique style of its own. Latin Music need not be in the Latin language. With the start of Latin Music your feet will feel the beat.
May 29, 2012
Music as our driving force

It can make your spirits sore and make you smile during your worst times. Music has the power to heal a broken heart and produce some of those feel good hormones in the body.
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