Music therapy & Back Pain


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Music therapy & Back Pain

Japanese researchers have assessed the potential role of music therapy in the field of pain management. The researchers decided to analyse the effects of music on pain associated with having to keep a compulsory posture.

Classical musics were chosen in this study. Five healthy adult females kept a supine position for two hours without music. Complaints, and variations of heart beat and respiration were observed in each subject during the two hour experiment. After five days or more, these subjects had the same experience, but this time with music Frequency and intensity of complaints were found to be significantly diminished by music.

Although heart rate was not changed by music, frequency of irregular respiration was found to be significantly decreased by the music. There was therefore a positive correlation between frequency of irregular respiration and number of complaints in subjects kept without music. The researchers claimed that their study demonstrated that music is effective to relieve a pain associated with a compulsory posture and that music may play a significant role on pain management in palliative therapy.

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