my 3yr daughter still sleeping in cradle

Feb 9, 2015
we made her to sleep in cradle from the beginning. now she is not sleeping in bed. she sleeps in cradle. how to make her to sleep in bed? please give any ideas.​


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Dec 2, 2011
Hi @lakshmikishore ,

Sorry for the delayed reply.

I think, she would be going to school by now.

What you can do is,

Put some slightly pricking object ...not a sharp one.... in the Cradle. It need not be seen outside.

It should be uncomfortable for her when she is lying in the cradle.

When she starts crying for this, you and your husband has to tell that, the Cradle itself will not allow big children to lie in it. Only very small babies will be allowed to lie in it. Since she has started going to School, able to eat everything on her own, able to walk, run etc. the Cradle will never allow those children to lie on it.

So, by this itself, she will start to avoid it and lie beside you.

Then the next thing you can do is, take any favorite doll of your daughter and make it lie next to you.

You pat that doll and pretend to make the doll sleep.

Now tell your daughter that her doll (if it has any name) is sleeping next to you and so, it is a very good girl. Those sleeping in the Cradle after becoming big girl will be teased by everyone including her favorite doll.

This may also work out well.

And once she starts to sleep next to you in the bed, daily you need to praise her as GOOD GIRL. And tell her that she would be told some stories daily, when she is sleeping in the bed. She would get kisses from her mom and dad before going to sleep.

All these techniques would surely work out well.

All the best.

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