my brother is not willing to marry.

Dec 13, 2013
my brother is now 35 years old. he is not willing to marry. we had asked him so many times to marry but he is simply refusing to marry. my mom is in ill health so before something happens bad she needs him to get married. He is the only son in our family.

how can i make him to understand about our will and marriage is needed in life.


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Dec 2, 2011
Hi Meena,

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Sad to hear that, your brother is not willing to get married.

First of all, ask him for the reason, why he is not interested in getting married.

Since, he refuses to marry, even after crossing 35 years, he must be having a genuine reason for it.

He might be thinking that, he is not fit to get married, because of some illness, which he doesn't wish to reveal it to you people.

He may not be attracted towards any girl. These people, will refuse to get married.

So, please talk to him gently, about the reason of his denial for marriage.

If he had a love failure in his past, and if he is avoiding for this reason, you may convince him easily, saying, because of that girl, he need not deny the wishes of his beloved mother.

Some people, may be interested , only in spirituality and due to this, they may avoid getting married, thinking that, they cannot get involved in married life.

This can also be solved , by telling him, that, even after getting married, he can involve himself in spirituality, while running a successful family. You can quote many spiritual leaders, who had both successful married life and in spirituality.

But if, he is having any ailments, you may not force him to get married. This may affect the girl also. You should think of her also.

Or, he might think of giving life to some divorcees or a widow. He might hesitate to tell this to your parents. If this is the case, you can accept his wishes. There is nothing to hesitate.

For all these things, you need to talk with him. First, you try to talk with him. Then you can convey this to your mother.

Ask him to tell, whatever the reason may be, for his denial.

Even because of your mother's ill health, he might be hesitating to tell the original reason for his denial.

Last but not the least,We should never force anybody to get married.

If nothing works out, you should just leave him like this , itself.

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