my daughter is always crying to go to school

Oct 5, 2012
hi sister this is kaveri. my daughter name is akshaya priya, last year we admitted her in prekg. at first she refused and cried to go to school but after some days she enjoyed her schooling. now we shifted her from that play school to new school. now a days she always crying for everything not getting ready to go shcool... at morning times i cant bear her adament. ellaraium oru vali pannitu than school pogara... please tel how can i make her to feel comfortable with her schooling and education. i dont know what to do. suggestion pls


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Apr 26, 2012
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Hi kaveri welcome to dont worry.. this is very common with our children. All moms are facing this problem...

In play school, that is their 1st experience of schooling, and they are seeing different world which they didnt experience it. so they can enjoy their pre schooling. in play school they dont have so much burden, they can play well and enjoy themself with their new friends... so they wont hesitate to go for schooling.

but considering to kg, they have started learning and they are having home work. They may be bored with such things. in school teacher orders them to to this, this etc. in home we too papa do your homework and then go to play. like this the kid is getting order from everyone in home as well as in school.. before she entered into school she was what she wish to be, but after everything is changed. she couldnt adopt this situation at once.

dont put any burden to her... first make her free and leave her to do what she want. after her playing and everything is over, talk with her gently to do her works. you should be with her at that times. appreciate her in every aspects. if she did any mistake, tel her with more patience.dont be a strict mother. Feed her mind with good impacts of her school, friends, teacher etc.

And one more thing is you have shifted her school so just give her some time to comfort her with the present school... visit her school, meet her teacher and friends, discuss with them by keeping your daughter with you. she feels comfortable.

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