my daughter is not eating green colour vegetables

Aug 28, 2014
Hi moms

i am a mother of 6 yr old daughter. my daughter is not eating greens and green colour vegetable. if she finds any green colour vegetable or coriander or curry leaves in the sambar, rasam or poriyal, not at all touching that foods. if we cooked carrot,beetroot,potato without add anything green colour vegetables, she eats that foods very well. what i to do with her. everytime before i am giving food to her i used to take out curry leaves and coriander separately then only i will give it to her. i want to change her food taking habit. please give me any ideas to change her.


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Dec 2, 2011
Welcome to Penmai, Dolly.

Very funny to hear the green colour aversion of your daughter. Haven't ever heard this before.

There is nothing wrong in removing the coriander, pudhina and curry leaves from the sambar, rasam and then make the child eat. Many children will not like to eat this, and many moms will do like this.

Actually, the essence of them and the necessary nutrients would have mixed the sambar and rasam. So, we need not worry much about this.

Ask her, why she is hatred about the green color?

Tell her that only by the intake of all kind of vegetables, she could grow big, grow tall, become beautiful, play very well being strong, could get sharp eyesight, beautiful teeth, long hair and all the other things.

For each and every food product, you can tell any one or two of the above.

Tell her that all her favorite cartoon characters are so strong and beautiful, only after eating all kinds of fruits and vegetables.

Regarding other green vegetables, try the following:

Add little tamarind water and cook the vegetable which might change the color of the vegetable from green to almost brown or black (even if it is seen as slightish green shade, you can tell her that it is brown or mustard color).

Sometimes, when you cook the vegetable in the cooker and then fry for just 2 mintues in the pan after draining the water, the color of the vegetable will not be green . It will change and you can tell her , that it is not green.

If I come to know any other idea for this, I shall share it with you.

Our other friends who had faced similar situations may also help you.


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