my daughter is sitting alone and thinking something

Sep 11, 2012
hi all. radha here. my daughter is 6 yrs old now studying 1st std. she is playing well,studying well and listening everything carefully. but at some times she sit alone and think something. if i asked or called her she says like "ya ma i am fine" "i am doing". i am worrying a lot for my daughter

her teacher also told me that during lunch times without eating of her lunch she is thinking something. if her teacher asked "yes miss" nu sollitu again she repeating the same.

what i do. i am really worrying of my daughters behavior. why she is behaving like that. is it good to bring her to good psychologist. what i do now. i want my daugter to be normal. please tel your advice to me


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Nov 28, 2011
Hi Radha

I feel that you should not worry too much. There are some kids behave this way. There are tested methods to overcome.

Find out her interests and hobbies and encourage her to practice them. For example if she likes music put her in some training sessions so that she can fill-up her surplus time in practicing the same.

How occupied is your husband...push him to spend some time with her every day. If her grand parents are with you it will be even better.

Further, you can look at taking her to a child counselor who can speak to her and find out if there is any specific reason.

I still feel that keeping her happy and involved by all the members in the family will help.

How about presenting her a pet....

Think about it...

Hope the above will set up something positive.
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Dec 1, 2011
Hi Radha,

Dont worry much.

Check with her and keep eye on her. you will find some reason.

Check with child councellor. Visit your paed first and tell about this. they will also guide in someway.

by the way neenga workinga? unga husband kitta solli ava kuda time spend panna solunga.

neengalum drawing painting apadinu avaloda interesta mathunga.

avalukku good touch bad touch yella solli kuduthu irukeengala.

Last but not least yar veetukulayum vilayada anupatheenga. veetuku veliya play panna vidunga. itha solrenu thappa yeduthukathinga pls. yen sister ponnum ithe vayasu than. avala naanga ippadi than anupa mattom.

first kavala padatheenga. keen watching will show you the problem.


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May 21, 2011
Ponna closea follow pannunga... athukaaga... chumma chumma question ketutte iruka venam.. schoola enna nadandhuthu... illa nadakuthu keata.... pasanga... "I dont know" illa "The usual" ithu thaan avunga vaayila irundhu varum... We have ask as many questions, same questions in different way... like maths periodla enna padichinga..un friend yaaru.. un pakkathula sidela okandhurukura pasanga yaaru... enna peru... lunchla enna panninga...recessla vilayandingala... andha friend enna tifin kondu vandha... share panni saapudiringla.. indha maathiri question keatute irunga... neenga questions keata thaan pasanga solluvaanga...I got this from my pediatrician.. tell her about good touch, bad touch,private parts, miss, sir, friends, aaya, peon, bus driver.. ippadi ellar pathiyum kelunga....illa unga veetula relatives pathiyum kelunga....avunga ethavathu harsha pesitaangala... any different other kinda behaviours...or chumma ethavathu think panna...
enna think panna. any creativea thinkinga....or sometimes, enna think panromne theiryaama.. blanka okkanthurupom... Appadi ava class timela okkarana.... check with the counsellor for attention problems... involve her in many extra dance, music, swimming., karate... where she has to be attentive... There shouldnt be a problem but have a close eye and also be a good friend, so she can tell anything to you....

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