my daughter looks very lean and not having foods properly what to do

Jan 10, 2013
Hi all ladies... my daughter is 2 years old. she is still not eating her food properly, i really finding very hard time when i am feeding her. she looks very lean too. everyone asks me why your daughter is like this. are you feeding etc etc. how can i make her to eat healthy foods. pls tel any easy ways to feed her


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Jul 26, 2012
Dear Pyarpriya, I understand your worries. Please follow the following guidelines. definitely your child will improve her eating habits.

Kids’ healthy eating habits begin with Mom and Dad. Kids are incredibly observant and are less likely to eat green beans if you are pushing them away from your plate too. So, step number one in improving your kids’ eating habits is to improve your own! I’ve seen this happen time and again with my clients, who, after making the effort to eat healthier meals, including more colorful vegetables and whole grains into their diet, find that their children want to eat better too! For example, one of my clients was amazed to find out that her 2-year old loved quinoa, kale and other leafy greens! You never know until you try.

But if you have improved your diet and your kid doesn’t follow in your steps, here are some other ways to get them more excited about healthy food (and they can’t hurt you either!) :
1. Have healthier snacks on hand. All humans have a sweet tooth and when presented with carrots or Teddy Grahams, likely the child will go for the latter – you may too. But presenting kids with healthier alternatives like veggies and fruits, your child will make a good choice regardless.
2. Teach your child moderation, (and practice it yourself!) Don’t make certain foods forbidden. Then of course they will want them! I remember as a kid, my Mom would only make homemade gelatin. We weren’t allowed to have Jell-O. So, of course when I would go to a friend’s house, I’d ALWAYS want Jell-O. Instead of putting certain foods on the “NO -NEVER” list, teach your kids how to eat them consciously, and in moderation. That means focus on chewing and savoring each bite.
3. Make Food Fun! Getting kids involved with cooking, shopping, gardening or menu planning helps them develop a sense of ownership and pride about the food. I noticed this with my niece and nephew when they came to visit. They were much more likely to try new vegetables if we cut them up together or they sprinkled them on pizza, for instance.
4. Color! You’ve heard it many time – eat a rainbow of vegetables and fruits per day! This is perhaps the easiest and most fun way to get kids to appreciate food. Make a color coordinated list of all fruits and vegetables and make sure you check off one in each color category per day! Make a game out of it!

Follow the guidelines given in my daughter is not eating food properly

All the best. thanks


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Dec 6, 2012
Dubai, UAE
Hi Priya,

My elder son was also not eating well up to 5 years. My sister took me to a doctor, she said that she always visits the same doctor for her daughter. When i told the doctor that my son is not good in eating habits and asked him to suggest some suppliment to increase his appetite. The doctor said very politely without any reaction in his face to "learn to cook tasty food, then the child will eat automatically." I felt ashamed and couldn't control my laughter. Even now me and my sister laugh for this joke. When i saw your thread i remembered it.
This is just for you to laugh.
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