My Friends one side love....

Sep 27, 2014
My friends parents were looking alliance for her during which she came across a guy who came with [COLOR=#009900 !important]his family[/COLOR] to meet her at home. She first mailed him to get to know his interest and he also replied for the mail.then both talked for 4 to 5 times and met [COLOR=#009900 !important]in person[/COLOR] once in a social place and talked. After that both didn't have any [COLOR=#009900 !important]word for[/COLOR] couple months. In this meantime the girl found the love for[FONT=Verdana, Geneva, ] him and expressed her feelings to him but he didn't reply for the mail...meanwhile she was playful and sent him flower bouquet to his office address but he didnt accept but even then also he didn't reply anything..later one day she got mail that good bye saying she is rich and this is not his criteria....but still she had faith that he ll accept her....she tried to send sms for months...then also he didnt reply anything..but she was totally in love with him...each and every day she was thinking about day he replied that he is not interested and dont waste time..she tried to get him...but failed in everything she did.....but the girl was totally in love with him not able to forget him anymore...???

was this the girl's fault here for everthing????? y didn't he tell the reason and tried to tell everything at the very meet itself????

I tried to divert her mind but couldn't get her out of that thoughts???

Plz help me to sort out this issue as i dont know how to handle this situation.

[FONT=Verdana, Geneva, ]Note:: She tried suicide attempt once...i am trying my best to divert her and closely watching her to not do anything wrong....[/FONT]


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Jul 26, 2012
Please ask your friend to forget that person and if he is not interested on her it is better leave him at once! After some time your friend will get another understanding friend and she will definitely be happy! all the best!


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Dec 2, 2011
Feel sad for your friend's situation.

First she should understand that, he is not the person who will be her life partner. Hence she has to come out of his thoughts.

There is no necessity for a person to deny or neglect a girl in his first meet itself.

After few talks with her, he would have found that this girl would not suit him in his life.

In fact this is better, that he rejected now itself , than having non-cordial relation after marriage. If that had been the situation, her whole married life would have been spoilt.

He might have had few thoughts as how his wife should be, and may be, your friend would not fall in those line. And that is why he has rejected her.

She should have understood in the beginning itself , when he didn't answer her mails and messages.

It is totally ridiculous on her path for having attempted for suicide , for a person, who is not at all interested in her.

Love should not come Forcibly. It should be Mutual.

Once you come to know the disinterest of the partner, you should just move away from him/her.

Now, coming to her situation now,

Ask her parents to seek for a suitable alliance, immediately as soon as possible.

In the mean time, indulge her in all the activities, which will divert her thoughts. Like, take her to any tourist spots. Ask her to learn Meditation and follow it sincerely.

Ask her to do any craft works if she knows them. Or ask her to join some craft or hobby classes. If she is not working, ask her to find a job.

All these should divert her thoughts from him.

Tell her, that, God has saved her from her suicide attempt, since he thinks that she has to achieve something in her life.

Tell her that, she should not waste her precious life and time for the person who is not at all interested in her.

Very soon, she will be shown a right person as her life partner. And then she could lead a much happier and prosperous married life.

Tell her that, her family would never like to loose her precious life or spoil her precious life, just in the thoughts of a person who is not at all interested in her.

All the best for her.

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