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Jun 10, 2012
dear friends i am new to this site. i am here to give me a idea. we are married before 5 years. we don't have child, but this is not a problem at all. he is a very good person, loves me very much. but he is not understanding me... he goes outside for other works, but if i tell any works he won't go outside for me. he is not interested to go to shopping with me. but i like to go with him only.

i present him lot of surprise gifts for birthday and anniversaries. but he forget all the things and he never present any gifts to me till today. is there is anything wrong with him or me? please help me to understand him.


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May 3, 2012
Hi Dear,

I would say its just the nature of the guys. Not going outside when u say work is natural coz he has come home and dont wanna move out at all wanted to relax and be lazy thats it nothing more. but if some other works come like a friend or office work its necessary so he goes out since he cant be saying no all the time but he say no only to u even its very important for u he can postpone it coz he will think its u. That doesnt mean He is not giving u enough priority its that u r most important so he expects that u will understand him.

For going out shopping, depends on how do u shop? but mostly they dont like it coz they lose interest quickly. As far as gifts and anniversaries, u should be happy if they remember it, its not like he wish to forget it. u will remember everything like what u do couple of days back where did u spend ur first anniversary he wont be able to. Even if he remembers he wont know what to get u. Even if he got u something he will be thinking all the time whether its good or okay or bad like that so mostly they will try not to buy anything coz of all this tension.

So my suggestion would be for his birthday ask him what kinda gift he wants and get that even for anniversary too dont buy a lot of gifts, Give a small surprising gift but mostly get what he likes so that when ur turn comes he will also ask u so it will be easy to remember as well as good that u will get a gift which u like. For shopping take him out only a few times so that he is also interested in going out with u dont make it a routine like a job that will only make it lose interest.

As far as i know nothing is wrong with both of you. Give few surprises now and then and make Living normal routine boring life interesting thats it. Talk to him about this it will help you not like He is wrong why he does this why do u do like this etc.. but like it will be nice if its like this and it will make us happy if we can do this? like suggestion and not complaint.

You both love each other what more do u need? Cheer Up!!! :)
Hope this helps :)


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Dec 13, 2011
Hi sister...
first have a better understanding
sit together and discuss things...
then things will be normal..

2 my cents..


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