my inlaws giving more work

Mar 25, 2015
i am now 3 month pregnant. my mother in law and sister in law giving more work to me. i am getting so tired. when i say this they are telling that if you do work then only you can get normal delivery. but i cannot manage.


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Dec 2, 2011
Congrats for your pregnancy Aneehsm.

We pray for your safe delivery.

It is true that you should not be idle and be active during pregnancy to have normal delivery.

But the works should not be tiresome.

If they are normal works, you can take little rest in between the works and then continue.

If they are really asking you to do lots and lots of tiresome works, then you can do one thing.

Next time when you go for the check up with your doctor, meet her (the doctor) the day before itself and tell about these things to her.

Tell her about the nature of work you do.

If the doctor is also cautioning you not to do such works, then you may plead her to tell this to your MIL directly as if the doctor is enquiring her on her own (she should not tell that you met her previously and told about these things).

The next day, you can take your MIL along with you to the doctor for the check up.

If the doctor herself is telling her, she could listen and not burden you more.

But be sure, that you are not thinking that you should not at all do the regular works while you are pregnant. If you are in normal condition, you can do these works , only thing to avoid is lifting heavy weights.
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