my kid is always crying

Aug 10, 2012
dear ladies, i gave birth to baby boy last month through normal delivery. he is always crying. i don’t know the reason. he is on fully breast feeding. and i am feeding him for every 1 hour.

for what reasons 1 month old baby will cry, when i asked to my neighbours and doctors they are saying that he will change after a month. but his crying makes me so much trouble. sometimes i used to cry while seeing him, i can’t control him.

please help me ladies.
Mar 10, 2012
dear vanipriya,

I gave birth to boy baby last month (July 11, 2012). I am facing the same problem. This is called colic. Ask ur paediatrician they know very well. It will subside after 3 months. CHECK THE WEBSITE.

some reasons are here.

Colic is an attack of crying and what appears to be abdominal pain in early infancy (babies). Colic is a common condition and is estimated to affect at least 20% of babies during their first few months.

All babies cry for various reasons; hunger, cold, tiredness, heat, or because the diaper (nappy) needs changing. However, a baby may cry even after being well fed, cleaned, nicely wrapped up and well cared for. If a baby has repeated episodes of inconsolable crying, but appears to be healthy and well, he/she may have colic.

Colic usually appears a few weeks after birth and carries on until the baby is about three to four months old. Even though the baby may scream for all he/she is worth, colic is not dangerous or harmful. Experts say colic has no long-term effects and a baby with colic will gain weight and feed normally.

For parents, seeing a baby cry inconsolably can be distressing and upsetting, making them feel that they are either doing things wrongly or letting their child down. It is important to remember that, if it is colic, it is a common phase which will eventually go away and has nothing to do with bad parenting. Colic is relatively short-lived - in a matter of weeks or months one of the first major challenges of parenthood will be over.


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Nov 28, 2011
Hi Vani

Your baby’s cry is his main means of communication. As he can't
talk, it's the only way he can let you know he needs something,

whether it's feeding, changing or attention. Seeing to your baby's needs will help to comfort him.

There are few techniques that might help to soothe your colicky baby: some babies tend to cry more between 3 to 12 weeks of age and this is called colic

First, check to see if he's in pain, needs a nappy change or a feed.

Some babies like a lot movement. Hold your baby facing you and sway him up and down in front of you in a rhythmic way.

Other babies prefer to be left in a
safe place to calm down and maybe fall asleep. Try laying your baby in his cot, with your hand firmly on his belly. Use a soothing, reassuring voice to help him settle.

Try not to overwhelm your baby with handling and attention.

Some babies become over-stimulated when their parents try lots of different things to end the crying!

All the best

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