my mil lies to my husband

Feb 10, 2015
hi friends i am married and living in chennai. we have a discussion about ear piercing function of my daughter. me and my hubby decided to do that function this year. my husband told me to inform and enquire about this to my in-laws and i spoke with mil about this in the very next day. she told me that she would discuss with others and lets final the dates. i informed my husband that i spoke with her. but she didn't call back. 2 days later when my husband talks with her about our daughter's ear piercing, she simply said that i did not say anything and she scolded me. my husband asked and confirmed whether i called her or not. i told him that i called her and spoke with her. for proof i shown my call log too. but i am very confused about mil. what is the need for lying to my husband.
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Dec 2, 2011
Welcome to Penmai....Prabha.

No dear.....please do not worry for this.

Actually she would not have lied.

She would have forgotten the matter about your talks with her.

Please don't think that only people above the age of 70 or 80 do forget matters.

Nowadays, many people, who are in their 50's are also forgetting so many things.

The ladies may have this forgetfulness due to their menopause also.

Both the ladies and gents may forget things from their 50's onwards because of the side effects of the medicines they may take (for BP or Diabetes or any other ailment).

The forgetfulness may be different for each and every person.

Few people forget the persons , even their close relatives, whom they haven't met just for 1 year also.

Few people forget the very recent happenings (like the talks with you) but they would remember even their childhood happenings.

They may not even accept that they forget things.

So, the people around them should understand them and support them.

What you have done is correct. Otherwise your husband wouldn't have believed you.

Hereafter, you may do the same in future, if necessary.

Just tell your husband that she would have forgotten and don't blame that she is lying.

This may happen to anyone.
Jul 21, 2011
If this is the first time this is happening then don't make a big issue out of it.
Just be patient and let it go. When you look at the larger picture ego
clashes can only be harmfull for u.

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