my sister in law is interefering in our family matters

Oct 9, 2014
we are married before 3 years. till now my husband is asking suggestions to her sister only. he is not considering me at all. whatever it may be silly things to big things he is asking her sister only. she too interfere too much in our family matters. what can i do?


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Dec 2, 2011
Welcome to Penmai...Ramya.

Yes...this attitude will surely irritate any wife.

This might be due to his sister's upbringing him from the childhood, that he will not be able to make any decisions and some of the gents will register this in their inner conscious and hence they will feel inferior to decide any matter.

What you can do is, hereafter, when any problem arises in your family, just sit and discuss with your husband during the Tea time.

First explain the problem to him and tell him about your suggestion. Ask about his suggestion too.

Tell him, that you both can decide the solutions for any problem in your life, since you both are matured enough to handle the simple problems of life.

Also tell him that only through Trials and Errors everyone can develop themselves in all aspects. So, while taking any decisions, most of the time they may succeed while some failures may occur through which you both will learn a good lesson.

Tell him, that, if he is asking his sister for all the solutions in life, when you both will learn to handle any type of situation/problems in life.

Only by practice and own experience, these will develop.

Tell him that he need not disturb his sister for each and everything. She also would be busy with her family. One day or the other, she or her husband/children might ask, whether you (your husband) are not matured enough to handle the problems.

Tell him to take decisions (or ask you for the decisions) atleast for a few months. Later, you can encourage him for his decisions (you need to praise him for each and every deed ). This will give him confidence .

Also tell him that your problem is yours and you should not disturb others with this. You are his better half and would like to share all goods and bads in life. So, hereafter, plead him to tell his problems first to you and you both can decide a solution for that.
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