my son not eating vegetables

Dec 3, 2014
my son is now 9 years old. he is not at all eating vegetables . i tried many tricks cutting different shapes. but nothing works what to do ? how to make him eat vegetables.


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Dec 2, 2011
Welcome to penmai....friend.

Yes...many children are like this.

You can try the following.

When he is watching the cartoon characters or any of his favorite shows in TV, you can tell him that the character is so strong and able to do all the works only because he is eating all kind of vegetables without omitting anything.

Whenever he is getting any ailment like body pain, fever, cold or anything else, you can tell that he is getting these only because he is not at all eating the vegetables.

During this time, he might ask as why you people are also getting these ailments though you eat all the vegetables. Now you can tell him that though you are getting these ailments not frequently and only because you eat all the vegetables, you are able to withstand those ailments.

After few years, he may not at all have any strength to withstand any ailment when he avoids the vegetables.

Tell him that he could study well , play well , become strong enough like his father, grand father, uncles and others, become very tall enough, if only he is eating all the vegetables.

Tell him the details of the necessary nutrients for the body building with lots of immunity power. After this tell all the details of the vegetables which has various nutrients in them, naturally.

Tell him that the coloured vegetables are very much necessary to have a healthy body.

Tell him that he cannot play well or study well to compete with others if he is avoiding the vegetables.

And finally, you and other family members can tell that the specific vegetable which is prepared on that day is so delicious and tasty. And that you are going to get a specific nutrient from that vegetable which will increase a specific power.

Your husband can tell you , in front of him, not to miss that vegetable, since you will also loose that nutrient and will be unable to do a specific work.

These talks may help him to start eating the vegetables

All the best.

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