my son's nose picking habit. how to stop it?

Feb 26, 2015
hello ladies

my 5yr old son keeps his finger on nose constantly. i tried to stop this habit. i can't get him out from this habit. he picks his nose always. thank god he is not eating at all. i have tried many things to stop this. any ideas? how do i make him stop?


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Dec 2, 2011
Welcome to Penmai....Sudha.

You can ask him to smell his finger which is kept in his nose. When he smells it bad, he would get irritated.

And you can show his face in the mirror with his finger in his nose, once and immediately without his finger in his nose.

Ask him now, which ....(name of your son) is looking so beautiful?

Tell him that everyone will feel the same about him.

Tell him that if he is keeping his finger in his nose and then continue to eat or write or do any other work, all the others like his friends , teachers and others would feel awkward and will think him as BAD BOY.Sometimes his friends can also call him names and tease him .

And whenever he is not keeping his finger in his nose, during all these times, you and your husband should tell him as GOOD BOY.

And whenever he is keeping his finger in his nose, for few minutes or so, you don't talk to him.

These will surely make him try to change his habit.

Afterall he is a child and cannot remember that he is doing this.

So, just to remind him when he is among many people, you can just show some signal to take away the finger. You can talk about this before hand itself, that you will show him the signal, and he has to understand it.

Pleas do not scold and tell him softly.

Little by little he will change his habit when he goes to higher classes. So, don't worry much.

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