Nail Polish and its Dangerous Side Effects!!!


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Sep 3, 2012

Nail polish
helps to paint your nails in a glamorous look, but this style statement comes with a lot side effects. The ingredients used to make this cosmetic product are very toxic in nature. So when you inhale them, then you get into the trap of many health problems. Some of the harmful or side effects are mentioned here:

- Inhaling the fumes of nail polish can cause dizziness, headaches and kidney damage

- At times, these fumes can also cause many reproductive problems.

- Nail polish can cause asthma and liver disorder.

- Its use is harmful for lungs and can cause nervous system depression.

- You may suffer from eye, skin and respiratory tract infections and irritation with its use.

- If its used for prolonged periods, then it can give rise to asthma and cancer problems.

- If your skin comes in contact with this cosmetic item then it may turn red and itchy and start burning.
Remedies for treating your ill nails condition:
[/h]- Do massage your nails with mustard oil as it makes them strong.
- If you use coconut oil for massaging your nails then it increases their shine.
- Remove your nail paint after you are done with a party.
- The use of almond and olive oil also makes your nails strong, shiny and healthy.
Diet to form strong and healthy nails
[/h]Protein- Nails are made of a protein called keratin. So taking foods rich in this nutrient helps to build their strong nail health. It includes eggs, salmon, turkey and lean chicken. Vegetarians can choose beans, legumes, lentils and peanuts.

Vitamins- Multiple vitamins play a vital role for this purpose. Vitamin A helps in the processing of proteins. Get it from eggs, and red, yellow and orange colored fruits like apples, mangoes and oranges, and dark green and leafy vegetables like spinach and lettuce.

Vitamin C helps to prevent loose nails disorder. Its present in broccoli, red bell pepper, papaya and Brussels’s sprouts.

Vitamin B prevents ridges and cracks on nails. Get it from carrots, pumpkin, dark green leafy vegetables, lentils, beans, asparagus and sweet potatoes.

Vitamin D is important for the absorption of calcium which is required by nails for a healthy growth. For this, take milk and sit in adequate sunlight.

Minerals- The deficiency of certain minerals also turn your nails brittle and weak. It includes silicon, zinc, iron, copper, iodine and selenium. Get them from pumpkin seeds, whole grains, dark green veggies, kidney beans and lentils.

Take Good Care of Your Nails!!!


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Jul 26, 2012
Dear Gkarti, you have rightly pointed out the health hazard problem due to using these nail polishes. thanks for bringing out such an useful thread

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