Nail polish colors for different skin tones!!!


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Sep 3, 2012


Nail polish colors for different skin tones:

1. Fair Skin: Dark colors are your best picks. Deep red and pinks will suit you the most and enhance your complexion too.

Tip: Stay away from light hues of green and blue and even golden

2. Medium skin: Light pinks, blues and reds, silver and burgundy are the best for people with this skin tone. For olive skinned pole shades of peach and brown are the bust bet.

Tip: Stay away from violets and blues

3. Dark skin: Nail Polish for dark skin people includes Red, chocolate, plum and other light shades.

Tip: Stay away from bronzer shades

While it is very important that your nail paint complements your skin tone, it is equally important that you decide on the colors keeping in mind the occasion too. In addition to this, keeping your nails clean and trimming them at regular intervals also adds on to the beauty of your Nails.

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