Narendra Modi's message to India.....


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Feb 5, 2011
Narendra Modi's message to India.....

Out of 121 crore people in India if just 10% drink juice for ₹10 daily
then for a month it's approximately 3600 crores!!!!!!

When we drink Pepsi and Coca-Cola, these 3600 crores goes out
of our country. Pepsi and Coca-Cola companies are getting
more than 7000 crores every day.

We are requesting you to drink sugar cane juice or tender coconut or
fresh juices and save the 7000 crores of our country and give them to our farmers.

None of our farmers will commit suicide henceforth.
When we consume fresh juices it will in turn give income to one crore people for their living.
Later the juice available for ₹10 will be available for ₹5.

Support Indian goods and make
our country financially strong.

Please ensure that this message reaches at least three persons.

Don't stop the flow.
Coca-Cola, Maggie, Fanta, Garnier, Revlon, L’Oréal, Huggies, Levis,
Nokia, McDonald, Calvin Cline, Kit Kat, Sprite, Nestle, Pepsi, KFC.
The rates of these products are less due to this reason.

Please send this message to all your groups.

When Colgate was not there didn't husband and wife run their family happily?
When fair and lovely was not there were all our Indian women black?
When skirts were not there weren't our girls studying?
Didn't we know about music in India before disco came?
Were all Indians bald without Pantene?
Weren't there any scholars in India before we knew the language English?

Buy and support Indian goods and save our country.
If all Indians stop buying foreign products for a span of 90 days then
India will become the second richest country in the world.
In just 90 days our ₹2 will be equivalent to 1 dollar.

We all should join together and do it because this is our country.
If we don't stand up for our country then we will lose our wealth to foreign countries.

We forward so many jokes and messages and greetings,
let us forward this message so that it reaches all the Indians.

JAI HIND !!!!!!!!!!


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Dec 2, 2011
Yes....sure we should follow all these to develop our country and it's products

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