Natural Cures for Watery Eyes!!!


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Sep 3, 2012


Problem of watery eyes underlines the fact that you are suffering from some eye infection or allergy. And at times, some simple cures can also settle down this aggravated eye distress. It is one of the most common symptoms found in almost everybody. And here, sometimes, a little rubbing can heal this problem. But this rubbing method comes with a side effect as there is a risk that your eyes might get red and more itchy after harsh hand pressings. Many people suggest using rose water or simply washing your eyes with plain cold water can treat a watery condition. But, not many people know that this sickness can be solved by adopting some simple tips and suggestions. Thus, have a look here on this review for acknowledging different prevention cures for treating this illness. Take a view below!!

How to Cure your Watery Eyes Naturally

Save from heat- if you are suffering from watery eye condition, then it would be much better if you splash cold water into your eyes immediately. Water has the capability to soothe the burning membranes of your eyes. Thus, a lot of comfort can be achieved by this method.

Rose water- You put a few drops of rose water in your eyes. This will clean out all the dirt and will make them more healthy. Here you can even use diluted honey for the same purpose.

Cool spoons- When the discharge from eyes becomes unbearable, you can try the cool spoon formula. All you need to do is place two spoons in the refrigerator and take them out after few minutes. Thereafter, place them invertly on your eyes. This will make the cold metal of the spoons to heal the out-coming discharge from the eyes.

Avoid wearing Makeup - Wearing eye-makeup aggravated the condition of watery eyes. Especially, eyeliner and mascara irritate your eyes making the condition worse. It cannot also lead to future eye diseases. When your eyes feel normal, then start with your makeup routine, but remember, not let it stay on your eyes for long hours. Watery eyes condition means, your eyes need proper rest. Let them breathe in their own skin. So, the moment you get out of the situation where you need makeup, instantly remove it from your eyes. Soak the cotton balls in rose water and keep them over your closed eyes. This works wonderfully!!

Other than this, you can even cover your eyes with a wet cotton cloth and cover them with hands after every 2-3 minutes. And you can also add carrot to your diet as it is very good in treating this illness. This will settle the aggravated watery problem. So, guys take care of your eye distresses and live with a healthy vision!!


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Jul 26, 2012
Thanks gkarti for your suggestions for this most common problem of eyes

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