Natural face care for dry skin


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Aug 10, 2011
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Natural Face Pack for Dry Skin
10 different packs are given for you to choose from to get a fair complexion. Natural face packs always excel than any artificial ones, but you need to make sure that you are not allergic to these. If allergic to carrot juice, avoid packs with carrot juice as one of the mix. If allergic to curd, avoid packs using curd…

1. To get a fair complexion, mix 4 table spoons of besan flour and enough quantity of egg white to make the mixture having the consistency of a pack. It should not be hard nor should it be dripping from your face like water. Apply this over your face and neck. This face pack can also be applied on your entire body. Don’t leave it there to dry and get flaky. 15 minutes is enough. Then slowly wipe the pack and wash with plain water.

2. Mix 2 table spoons of orange juice, 2 teaspoons of honey, 2 teaspoons of rose water to one table spoon of fuller’s earth. This mix is enough to apply over your dry face and neck. After 15 minutes wipe the pack with a moist towel and wash with water. A soft glowing skin is your added benefit to getting a fair complexion.

3. Take one egg and mix its contents [egg white and yolk] to one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of milk. Apply this face pack for 15 minutes.

4. Add half teaspoon of olive oil, half teaspoon of lime juice to one full egg yolk. Apply it over your face. This pack also needs to be on your face for 15 minutes. If you can’t get along with the smell of yolk please don’t go for that. I have many more options for you to choose from.

5. One table spoon of olive oil and one table spoon of milk, add half teaspoon of honey. Apply this pack for 10 minutes. Wipe off the pack using cotton dipped in luke warm water.

6. One table spoon of carrot juice, one table spoon of tomato juice, one table spoon of lemon juice has to be mixed well and can be applied on the face to get a fair complexion. This can be used by oily skin, combination skin and normal skin type individuals too. This pack is excellent homemade bleach. There are no side effects too.

7. To make your skin fair and smooth all you need to dao is take out 2 medium sized tomatoes from your kitchen, make it to paste. Mix it with one and half table spoons of curd .apply this pack all over your face. If you are not allergic to any of the two ingredients then within 10 minutes you will get the result.

8. Mix 1 table spoon of besan flour, half teaspoon of honey, add 1 teaspoon cucumber paste. Apply all over the face and neck.

9. Smash potatoes and apply it over your face and body. The same way you can use smashed banana and honey to get a glowing fresh looking skin. This method of getting a fair complexion is very widely used by many people, but with certain additions of their own. Addition of a pinch of turmeric and multani mitti is a good idea.

10. Mix 2 table spoon of curd, one teaspoon of rose water, two table spoons of oat meal. Apply this pack for 10 minutes. Wash with warm water.


Commander's of Penmai
Feb 27, 2011
  • Preventing further drying of skin as it does not contain much moisture.
  • Avoid stale, over fried, dry food.
  • Always consume fresh warm food with little fat like ghee or olive oil.
  • Include sour and salty food in diet.
  • Sweet juicy fruits are recommended.
  • Drink 7-9 glasses of warm water everyday. (Do not drink cold water as it increases vata)
  • Massage the whole body with herbal oil, which contains VATA balancing herbal ingredients before taking a bath.
  • Drink the herbal tea, which contains vata-balancing ingredients with a squeeze of lemon early in the morning, in empty stomach.
  • Liberally Apply moisturising lotion on body skin daily. This naturally supplies the moisture needed for dry skin .
  • Sleep for 8 hrs a day. (Preferably from 9 PM to 5 AM).
  • Avoid alcohol-based cleansers.
  • Take rejuvenating herbal drinks .
Nov 1, 2011
According to me when we use milk and honey then our face becomes bright and through these dry skin becomes soft. These products we can easily use at own home and get a glorious face.
Jan 6, 2015
I recommend Annimateo Natural All-In-One anti-aging Antioxidant Creamed Apple & Tomato Cream which made with pure Apple and Tomato juice, full of antioxidants such as Lycopene and polyphenols.which softens and smoothens the skin to give it an ideal texture and fights free radical damage caused by air pollution, sunlight, alcohol, cigarette smoke and stress. You can see here

Hope my recommendation help for You!
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