Naturopathy advices the right combination of food


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Naturopathy advices the right combination of food

Though most of us today are extra careful about our eating habits, there are still times, when we suffer indigestion and belching problems.

And if you have ever wondered why, read on to know the answers...

According to naturopathy, wrong food combinations are majorly responsible for causing indigestion problems. The reason as the theory suggests are, that some foods are incompatible and if consumed together, cause stomach-related problems which further are the basic cause of many other diseases.

The theory further explains that starches are digested in an alkaline medium and proteins are digested through acids. As a result, starches are forced to remain in the stomach until proteins are digested completely. So ideally they should be had separately.

Here we give you some insights on what are few foods to be consumed alone.

Known to be a complete health drink in itself, milk is best consumed alone. Due to the fat and protein content, milk turns into curd once it reaches the stomach which requires time for digestion. So it should not be had with foods containing salts like fruits, nuts, cereals or pulses.

Sugar is digested in the intestines. If consumed with other foods like proteins and starches or fats, it accumulates in the stomach for a prolonged period awaiting digestion of other foods. So chances of fermentation increase. Sweet curd, lassi, ice-cream, kheer, sweet milk are wrong combinations.

It causes over-activity of the stomach. That explains the reason why dairy products do not get digested quickly. Having them alone is the solution.

Acidic in nature, taking it with dal etc, it should also be avoided. Best had alone.

According to this, roti with dal, rice with milk (kheer), egg with bread, roti with rice and meat etc, are not ideal combinations.

However, carbohydrates and proteins can be eaten separately with vegetables. If at all you have to eat starch and proteins together then first eat proteins and half an hour later eat starchy food.

So, eat sensibly and stay happy.

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