Nausea and Vomiting in first trimester

Nov 24, 2011
Nausea and Vomiting in first trimester

The joy of seeing the pregnancy test positive is immense. As the joy seeps gradually comes in all the changes in the body the mind and the emotions. Pregnancy is a mixed bag…’s a package deal. A whole new life is being recreated and the canvas is the mother so for this master piece to finished the canvas will go through a process very trying and testing for the next 10 months. So hold on Take one day at a time and rejoice each and every aspect of the pregnancy the good the not so great details the testing and trying changes of the various trimesters. These ten months will never come back. Time moves on.

Ø The initial weeks off the pregnancy are not the same for everyone.
Ø Some women have severe vomiting.
Ø Some women only have a vomiting sensation which is called nausea.
Ø Some women are only exhausted and tired and sleep a lot.
Ø It could be anything.

Respect how you feel. Don’t compare and contrast your condition with anybody. Feel happy with your state. Your baby your pregnancy, you are special.

Women with severe vomiting

Eat small meals. Eat what you can. Eat what you feel like. Don’t stress on nutrition for the baby and yourself. Just focus on how to get through this tough phase. Drink fluids in fewer quantities but in frequent intervals. It’s very easy to bring out the fluids. Rest as much as you can. Don’t force yourself on anything that can trigger vomiting. Get help when dehydration sets in. An intravenous line will help recover faster and it’s ok. Don’t stress on the weight loss. It’s a water weight. It will come back once you start eating well after the vomiting subsides. Take the medications prescribed for vomiting by the doctor. It’s ok.

Women with nausea

As much as possible avoid or remove or refrain exposing yourself from the smell food or things that make you feel nauseous. It could be anything. Don’t judge yourself. Don’t go around taking others advice. One man’s food can be another man’s poison. Eat what suits you. Eat small quantities and rest enough. Over exertion can trigger and activate the vomiting centre in the brain. Try and rest when possible. Don’t stress on not gaining weight during this phase. It will happen eventually as you start eating well after the nausea subsides.

Women who are only tired and fatigued

Many pregnant women do not have nausea or vomiting during the first trimester they only feel tired sleepy and are able to eat well. Very often they are labeled lazy by people around. It’s not the case. These women don’t feel like throwing up or have nausea but are genuinely tired.
Eating small meals remains the key. They should rest. Incorporate a regular easy walk in the day. Not resting and fighting sleep will only irritate them set them in to mood swings and trigger unhealthy food cravings. These women should take care not to take too much processed food and stay healthy. Processed means junk. And one need not elaborate on these else the weight gain will be too much to handle at the end of the term.

The key is to take each day as it unfolded. Keep smiling and hold on. This is the start off a very beautiful journey ……yes it comes with a few discomforts too. Leys just cherish every bit off it.

Take care…. Love


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